Amazon LIVE Stream Influencer

Did you know that Amazon has LIVE STREAMING?

If you didn't, you and I are living under the same rock, or at least I was, until last week.

A few days back, my husband called me during the day and mentioned Amazon Live Streaming. I immediately said, "what are you talking about?" I eat, breath, sleep & yes shop Amazon; I am an Amazon Influencer in multiple markets around the globe; if Amazon offered Live Streaming I would know about it.

Turns out, I had been living in my Amazon Cave and had no idea that Live Streaming had come to Amazon. I immediately dowloaded the AMAZON LIVE CREATOR APP thinking I was going to launch my first Amazon Live Stream that very moment.


It turns out that Amazon Live Streaming is still in the beta phase. The Amazon Live team has been rolling this new program out since the fall of 2019 by invitation. Immediately I was a bit hurt. Why didn't Amazon ask me? I have been a successful Influencer with them for over a year; I already LIVE Stream on Youtube successfully; and during my LIVES I utilize my Amazon purchases. If I am not the perfect fit for this program, who is?


I quickly contacted a representative from the Amazon Influencer program and told her I wanted to be able to Live Stream on Amazon. She put me in contact with an Amazon Live Business Manager and I was given access that night. world stopped spinning...

I believe I found out about Amazon Live Streaming on a Wednesday, and by Friday evening I launched my first Amazon Live Stream!!!

Currently, I have gone LIVE on Amazon 3 times. The first 2 evenings were Skincare PM Routines and then I just completed a new makeup routine today.

The LIVES on Amazon make everything very convenient for a consumer, which is why I think you'll enjoy this new platform. The creator, aka me; I decide what I am going to do and or share. For instance, I may have purchased a sheet mask that I want to try out, so I go through my crazy stash of skincare products and I create a routine that I am going to do Live. I load all the products I am using during that Live into the Amazon Live Creator App and then as I stream Live and use the products, I can click them in the carousel that is below my video window and you see exactly what I am using and where you can find it.

In the event you are wondering how to catch these Live Events, I do my best to notify you on my Natural Kaos Facebook Page so make sure to Follow.

I also give a notification on my Instagram account @natural.kaos in Stories where I can link directly to the Live and I save them in the Highlight, "Amazon Live".

Here are my first 3 Amazon Lives. Make sure to follow me on Amazon so you can receive notifications when I am streaming:)

Keep in mind this program is still in its beta phase so there are bugs; for instance, today during my makeup Live the comments just stopped. Apparently the chat box disappeared while I was streaming, which is frustrating, but simply part of a new platform.

Come join me! so we can connect Live and utilize this new Amazon feature.

Kim xoxo

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