BEAUTY HAUL LIVE: Event w/Promo Codes!!!

Many of you are aware I stream Live on Amazon:)



I started streaming LIVE on Amazon in April as COVID descended; I love this new platform and the potential it has to give more value to viewers, brands and creators like myself.

So many of you show up constantly for me... should I name names lol... I won't do that but I know who you are and I love chatting with you during skin routines, un-boxings, and new try's... thank you! your support has helped me become an Amazon A-List Influencer, which means when I stream Live on Amazon, my stream is placed on the Amazon Homepage.

It's a DREAM:)

Amazon is dedicated to making this Live platform interactive and exciting! sometimes I feel like it's my own HSN or QVC show, because as I demo or use something you will see products flying up into space as people add those items to their carts.

Although, these Amazon Lives are saved for viewers to watch at a later time, the LIVE CHAT feature is no longer available, so there is no chatting, and further the actual chat window during the LIVE is gone. Consequently, if you watch it back later you won't be able to read the past chat as it only appears during actual Lives.

Make sure you are following me on Amazon so you get the notifications for when I go Live.


Natural Kaos will be streaming live during Beauty Haul Live
Amazon Beauty Haul LIVE


MARK YOUR CALENDARS!!!! Friday, September 25, 2020

I have been paired with brands for this event which I've used for sometime or are new to me and I'm excited to try and share about. These brands are also offering significant PROMO CODES during my LIVE Stream.

You will not be required to put in the code, it will automatically be added to my Live, this way if there is a toner you like from a certain brand you can immediately click it and get the deal at check out.

THE CATCH: I have 4 brands and each brand has a code, however, I have to toggle the codes to activate between brands, all 4 codes will not be activated at the same time and further will only be active while I am streaming LIVE.

If you want to take advantage of the DEALS coming

you have to be on the LIVE while its LIVE

You have to be EARLY so you don't accidentally miss

when I toggle on the BRANDS CODE you are most interested in.

I've been contemplating the best way for you to join this Live Event; plus give you good information a head of time; so ultimately you can score the deals you want.

During my coming Lives leading up to the event next week, I will start incorporating products that I will be highlighting during my 5-6pm PST 9/25 time slot.

So if you want insight into each brand make sure to join my Tuesday and Thursday Lives at 2pm PST

The above thumbnail will change as I have time to create a better one, but the link in this artwork will take you straight to the BEAUTY HAUL LIVE Event


Here are the brands and the discounts that each will have during this LIVE event.

I hope you are excited about these brands and the products they create:)

Further, I spoke to ELEMIS and they are going to do a giveaway during one of my LIVE lead ups. Basically, to be included, you just need to be on the Amazon Live chatting, during the Live I will scroll the chat and select one of you at random to be the winner, then ELEMIS will send you a box of the same products I used during the Live. Fun right?

I plan to bring this idea up to the other brands so there could be more giveaways so make sure to join as many of my Amazon Lives leading up to the event on Friday, September 25, 5pm PST



9/17 Thu 2pm PST (5pm EST)

9/22 Tue 2pm PST (5pm EST)

9/24 Thu 2pm PST (5pm EST)


9/25 Fri 5pm PST (8pm EST)

I hope this provides you more insight into this New Shopping Experience and further how this Beauty Haul Live event will function.

Please comment below if you have questions

Kim xoxo

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