Being A Small YouTube Creator

Before I hurdle into this new Podcast series about being a small YouTube creator, I want to quickly give you a synopsis on what you should expect from this podcast,


I’m Kim Pratt and my YouTube Channel is Natural Kaos, Kaos spelled K A O S. I grew my channel to over 55K subscribers, in a very saturated beauty & travel genre and made over $90,000 in my first year. Keep in mind there is no single viral video that caused my first years growth, just consistent high quality videos multiple times per week.

If you are interested in finding my channel, connecting on social media and which equipment I use on my channel and this podcast, it’s all linked in the description of this podcast and on this episodes coordinating blog post over at remember kaos is spelled

K A O S.




First, I assume you are a small YouTube Creator and have a Youtube channel or your’e interested in starting one; if so WELCOME, and if Youtube is not your thing, don’t fret because my first year’s experience is honestly for anyone who enjoys a good story of personal growth and lessons learned.

You will find a lot of insight from my 2019 year; what your initial year can look like from a hustle and growth perspective, the unforeseen challenges, the unexpected opportunities, mitigating overhead, and of course the money.

Let’s be real! You are here because you want to grow a business and you are thinking about using Youtube, but first you want to know is it even possible? is it hard? how do people make money? is it sufficiently lucrative to replace your full time job? can anyone do it? Will people laugh at your dream of becoming a Youtube Sensation?…. most likely yes, don’t worry you will get use to this:)

I will be as transparent and straight forward as possible. I am not selling anything. I’m going to say this again, I AM NOT SELLING ANYTHING, I am not a Youtube consultant, I do not offer private help or online courses, that is not my focus.

My focus on Youtube and on this Podcast is to give you as much value as possible for FREE. Why would I do this? If you don’t already know, then this will be the biggest take away from my personal experience that I can offer you…making content that people will listen to and watch is how you make money, you don’t need to worry about selling anything, you just need to focus on why would someone listen or watch you over someone else.

Content creation is a fight for eyeballs and earlobes.

Tell below if you already knew this?

The best way to win this fight is to give people exactly what they want, make it easy, make it high quality, and above all, make it FREE. It’s not about you or me, its about what others are interested in, and if you give value to their journey, then you will win the content war and find a loyal audience.

Perfect example is this Podcast. I am not making any money from launching this podcast, in fact I have spent money and a ton of time to create it, but my goal with this project is first; to learn how to produce and create a podcast, two can I be successful at Podcasting…we will see; and three I want to share my complete first year experience to help you have a better picture of what it takes to be successful on Youtube.

I find that people’s real life journeys and experiences are the bread and butter of growth. What did they do? Are they more intelligent than me? How do I compare? Does their path offer me value? Can I replicate what they did and add to it? Did they get a lucky break or did they grind it out for years?

I know I have a Youtube channel and now this podcast, but I am not an expert!

This world is full of experts. If you pay them they will tell you how to be successful or how to do something better. Most of these expert’s are full of smoke and mirrors. They throw up websites to make themselves appear important. They pay online publications to let them post an article about themselves talking about how successful they are. Then they reference their own article. This kills me, the desperation is unreal.

Comment below if you know what I am talking about?

How many of them ever show you the actual money they made, how many show you the journey, that they themselves took? the pivotal choices they made, or the grind that any real business takes. I loath these people who call themselves experts, because they mimic others, sell an online course with information that is readily available online, and most likely outdated. Additionally, and in my opinion, the most concerning, they take advantage of hopeful entrepreneurs who believe if they buy someones course, they will be successful.

Stop buying entrepreneurial courses. They are wasting your money, energy, time and they are preventing you from starting. People like to buy courses because they think by buying the course they started something. No, you did not start anything, you just funded someone else’s business model.

I apologize for this mini rant but these concerns about “so called experts” have been percolating in my brain ever since I started my entrepreneurial journey in 2013 and I felt it imperative that I get all of this out before we embark on this Podcast.

As I mentioned before I am not an expert, I am a realist, and my first year on Youtube will not only give you more insight into how I work and view obstacles as a small Youtube creator, but should offer you tremendous value as you embark or continue on your Youtube path so in the end you can be further accomplished.

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First Episode 1 Being A Small YouTube Creator

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