Best Mother's Day Gifts 2020

Whether you are shopping for your mother, wife, sister, girlfriend, or for YOURSELF, I have put together this post to go over the BEST mother's day gifts of 2020 that I think ANY woman would enjoy!

A message to those shopping for the BEST Mother's Day Gift:

A woman can be HARD to shop for, we all know this. My own mother is passionate about so many things but typically has the means to purchase what she wants, when she wants it, so the gift is more about surprising her with something she didn't think about or something that made you think of her. Or sometimes it's about finding a list of things she wants and getting them before she buys them for herself. So if a woman sent you the link to this post... take the hint and get her something from it!

A message to those hoping for the BEST Mother's Day Gift

Sometimes our loved ones want to get us exactly what we want, or they get so overwhelmed with trying to find the MOST PERFECT gift for you. It can cause stress to them and maybe stress to you as you have to pretend to be so excited about the new vacuum they so "thoughtfully" got you. Guys, when did we get stuck in the idea that it only is special if they came up with the gift 100% on their own? I love getting gifts from my husband, and he is a great gift-giver, but I have also started sharing my wishlists with him and it has helped our gift exchanges so much and we are both so happy with the results! So, do your loved ones a favor and send them a link to this post to give them a hand in what you want. I promise you'll love these items, just like I do!

Best Mother's Day Gifts for the pampering type

Queen Of Hungary Spray

Seriously I feel I like a Queen every time I spritz myself with this heavenly spray. This is a splurge spray, perfect for giving your mom a bit of extra luxury. This is actually what I am personally giving my mom Laura this Mother’s Day… oh and myself:)

SIO Beauty Patches

The chest silicon pads are my favorite item from Sio Beauty because you wake up in the morning with a fresh, less wrinkled chest. 1 Pad lasts 30 times.


This SPF has been a favorite of mine for over a year. Your mom will that it is color correcting her redness while treating it at the same time and it has SPF. I use this under my BB cream as a primer and love it.

CellTermi Cream

The Celltermi line of products are scientifically proven to improve wrinkles because of its Cha-Peptosome which keeps skin hydrated for 48 hours and delivers it’s concentrate deep into the skin. I have been using this since Korea and find it extremely hydrating and luxurious.

Very Mom

This is a premium sheet mask perfect to pamper your mom with ad perhaps yourself:) It is fragrance-free so it's great for very sensitive skin and has a lot of serum which means you could get an extra session out of the package.

Daiso Silicone Mask

If you get your mom the Very Mom sheet mask, make sure to include the silicon topping mask. This way she can do her hair while hydrating her face and not get hair stuck to her wet mask. This silicon mask also allows your mom to wear her mask longer because it does not dry out from the environment as quickly, ensuring her skin drinks up the serum instead of the atmosphere.

Self Fan

If your mom suffers from hot flashes this mini handheld fan could be the perfect little sidekick. It's battery-operated and just creates a nice breeze. She can keep it in her bag or keep it by her desk as it has a little kickstand in order to direct the airflow hands-free.

The Best Mother's Day Gifts for the Fashionista!

Sun Hat

We know by now that the sun is the main culprit of aging. I bought this hat last December and used it in Mexico and Hawaii to help protect my skin, I love the bow and open cut in on the back.

UGG Robe

If your mom runs cold like me she will love this ultra-soft and warm robe. Yes, we are about to go into summer but robes last years and this one is a luxurious keeper. Its’ reversible, has pockets and has a hood, can I say more.

Water Bottle

I have been getting so many compliments on my gallon water bottle that it seemed appropriate to add it as a pick for mom. We all need encouragement to stay hydrated and drink more water, this bottle gets the job done in a very easy and motivating way by encouraging you through the day. You could even take a sharpie and add extra notes to your mom at each interval.

The Best Mother's Day Gifts for the Chef

Ergo Spout® - Ergonomic Spout and Handle For Regular Mouth Mason Jars

Help your mother turn all those mason jars she has laying around into useful pour spouts! I love using them for my pancake batters and homemade salad dressings! They are dishwasher safe and help you keep everything clean and looking great! Oh and you can save 10% by using code SWEETNSASSYEATS.

Redmond Real Salt Products

Redmond Real Salt has some of the best salt products out there. All made from natural real salt and it has tons of natural vitamins and minerals in their salt. Besides making everything taste better, they are actually good for you! If your mother hasn't tried any of their seasoning products, I recommend the seasoning gift set, because it gives a good variety of products to try. Check out their toothpaste and bath salts too (i love them)! Use code SWEETNSASSYEATS to save 15%!

Thermoworks MK4 Instant Read Thermometer

From grilling to baking it is always important to be able to verify the temperature of the items you are cooking. This helps you from over or under-cooking your meat and knowing when your bread is for sure baked through! Instead of purchasing her another $20 thermometer that will work maybe once (and not accurately), invest in the industries best! Take a peek at any cooking show on TV, they all use Thermoworks. All the best chefs rely on the accuracy of their products and so do I. Help make her a Star in the kitchen with the best-kept secret from Chefs.

Best Mother's Day Gifts - Acts of Service

Sometimes just giving your special lady a break from her regular duties can be the best mother's day gift ever. Doing laundry, cleaning the bathroom, or even cooking a meal or two! I am sharing some awesome recipes that would be great to make and surprise her with on Mother's Day!

Sourdough Crepes

Crepes on their own are so tasty and special, but these sourdough crepes take it to the next level! Check out this recipe and I promise your mom won't be disappointed!

Green Goddess Bowls

The perfect lunch or dinner for a spring Mother's Day meal. It's light, fresh and super healthy! If your mother loves a healthy and clean meal, then this is the recipe you'll want to prepare.

The Perfect Tri-Tip

We all know that most men love to grill, so this one should be a no brainer for you guys to do for your wife. Impress her with grilling a delicious, flavorful, and lean cut of beef. She will appreciate your hard work and you can be the hero of dinner!

Mile High Cookies

So you can't take her on a tropical vacation this year due to COVID19, but you can bake her these cookies that help remind her of some of the best airplane treats: peanuts, pretzels, and chocolate. They have oats in them too, which helps them be a little more healthy, super satisfying!

So, now you've got gifts and acts of service covered, what else?

Check out these other posts I have that cover some of my other favorite products, if she doesn't have these items, they might be some other great options!

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I hope this has helped you make this year's mother's day extra special!

Kim xoxo

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