Updated: Jul 17, 2020

I decided to quickly share some makeup which recently blew my mind!!!

It's true that this makeup is not brand new, but being the department store and Sephora makeup shopper I am, I unfortunately never paid attention to less expensive options.

What am I blabbering about? Below is a Live video from this morning showcasing how great the e.l.f. Tone Adjusting Primer and the Milani Conceal + Perfect Foundation are together.

Well friends, I am going to start paying more attention to these value buys! Not saying I'm giving up my other favorite makeup brands, but I will say for those of you on a tight budget; constantly wondering if the bougie makeup is worth it; I'm here to tell you stick to your budget, the drugstore makeup I tried this week, and which I am actually wearing right now as I type, is quite FANTASTIC!

I was shocked when I squeezed this primer out and saw that it was intense purple, I had imagined it would be lavender colored, but instead it was intense purple; nearly as intense as purple shampoo for removing yellow/orange from blonde hair. Don't be scared, it may look intense but it does not leave you purple; instead it brightens your overall complexion and leaves you super smooth ready for makeup application. I love silky, silicon feeling primers like this one.

I only need one pump of this foundation to cover my entire face. It leaves me looking dewy and nearly flawless but not completely. I would consider this a medium coverage as it does even out ones complexion and bring uniformity but if you have a bruise, like I did, it will mask it, but it won't be completely gone. I don't like looking "makeupy" thus this foundation really excels at coverage without a caked on finish.

This is the WHEN mask I used this morning before putting on the Dr Jart Cicapair SPF and then the elf Primer and Milani Foundation. I love prepping my skin with a sheet mask before I do makeup. The deal at Costco on this masks is superior to Amazon currently.

I used a bunch of other products in my Live, many drugstore and some from Beauty Pie.




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I love this highlighter, it is truly ProGlow and will knock you out with light.

It has been my go to favorite Highlighter since it arrived in my box a few months back and whenever I use it I get compliments both on Youtube and in person.

You can see how the pricing works, this quality of highlighter would typically cost $35 at Nordstrom or at Sephora and the same formulation and quality packaging you get for only $10.32.

These are some other Beauty Pie constants you will find me wearing. The below sponges are beauty blending perfection, but cheap enough so you can throw them away and use a fresh one more often than you are probably refreshing now. I always have an extra box of these sponges on hand, you get 2 for only $6.77.

If you want to see me using the Quick Colour Contour Supergel I have a LIVE I did with it 2 weeks ago when I unpackaged it for the first time and immediately thought it was amazing for chiseling out your cheek bone, thinning your chin and adding a quick eyeshadow. Plus this package has a twist and lock feature to keep it from leaking or squeezing out.

You can see I have been using Beauty Pie for well over a year at this point as well as trying lots of different expensive foundations and so I feel I can share with you what I have found that works for me in a very honest way. I hope this post and these videos give you insight on what may work best for your skin and your budget.


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