Current Skincare In My Bathroom Part 1

Besides being asked how old I am on the daily lol... I am asked constantly what my favorite skincare products are.

I'm reluctant to share because it's ever changing. If I tell you I really like a certain essence or moisturizer and then next month I try a different one and it becomes my new go to; I don't want you feeling the need to rush out and buy my newest obsession.

With this is mind, the following list of items I'm sharing with you are what I'm currently using in my bathroom, why I like it and why it could work for you.


I don't believe you have to spend a fortune on wiping off your makeup. I've used both expensive and cheap micellar water's and for me I've never observed a huge difference.

Currently, I'm using Tony Moly Micellar Pro Clean Cleansing Water. Before this I was using Bioderma, and had used many bottles of it thru the past years.

I just purchased this new Mizon Micellar Water today. It has probiotic in it so I thought I would give it a try. I will update you in the near future, perhaps during an Amazon Live so watch for those, I do them 2-3 times every week:) FOLLOW HERE


I have multiple cleansers in my rotation because they serve different purposes.


Julep was the first oil cleanser I ever used. I still come back to it and give it as a gift with their cleansing sponge. If I wore makeup and or spf, I start with an oil cleanse after Micellar Water, which I use to do the first pass of heavy makeup removal especially eye makeup.


Currently, I'm using an enzyme foaming wash from Oseque. These types of washes can be drying to the skin so I don't use it every night, I alternate between this enzyme wash and the Lagom Cellup Gel wash. The Oseque helps me slough off skin cells and then the Lagom helps build up my skin barrier and keeps it from feeling irritated.

I like to use the Oseque Enzyme Wash when I am dermaplaning my face, before and after.

In the AM, I typically don't wash my face. I just rinse it with water and then apply my daily serums and spf.


The purpose of a toner is to set the pH of your skin to it's optimal 5.5 pH, so that its not compromised from your cleansing products and now can more easily accept hydration and actives. With this concept in mind a toner should be where you focus money and effort in finding the right one. I have 2 that I have been using, Ive been alternating between them because one is half the price of the other and I've been wanting to see the differences.

The G2Cell was the first toner mist I ever used that was milky and super hydrating. It also left my skin glowing, almost iridescent. I also loved that it was in a spray bottle, very handy. But this product was on the more pricey side so I looked around and found the Easydew DW-EGF Easyup. Both of these products appear very similar, and after using them for months I feel they perform like one another. I added a spray top to my Easydew so that I could easily spritz my face AM and PM.

The biggest difference I notice between these products is the iridescent glow. The G2Cell is much more glow'y and dewy than the Easydew, however the Easydew at a 1/3 of the price is hard to beat. I believe that the efficacy is on par, so it really comes down to the finish of the product. If you want to spritz your face and glow, then spend more and get the G2Cell. If you want to balance pH, get growth factors, feel hydrated and save $30 then get the EasyDew.


I love to add more moisture before I add in actives, however the above toner options are a toner/essence combo so an additional essence is not needed, but the one I love and constantly choose over my others is the Maycoop Raw Sauce.

Its also true that this Maycoop Raw Sauce does function as a Toner and Essence in 1 step too, so you could use this instead of the above G2Cell or Easydew mists. But for me I like the combination of these being layered together. I can't help myself, I love the moisture and the dew.


At this point you can just slap an active on like a Vitamin C and a Rein A, then a cream and or a sleep mask.

In my next post about my current favorites in my bathroom, I will go over sheet masks, serums, actives, night creams and sleep masks.

Until then continue to pamper yourself, give yourself grace, and make sure you've always got at least 3 sunscreens handy:)

I just ordered these 2 new sunscreens to try, they just arrived last night so I am excited to break them open and apply.

Have a beautiful day and tell me in the comments if you have used any of these products, what your thoughts are etc:)

Kim xoxo

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