Videos and everything I used in the following LIVE Streams are below.

Alright my friends, today I did a new set of DIY eyelash extensions at home. I wanted to show you that I was attempting to do this to myself, that it is possible to pick up, and yes, that it is a time commitment. However, like most things, the more you practice the better and quicker you become.


I did my left side first alone and then I went LIVE on Youtube to show you the process in real time as I attempted to do my right eye with you. Amazingly, we actually did the whole eye together during this LIVE; I was shocked that I actually accomplished it fully in an acceptable amount of time. In the end, the right eye was my favorite of the 2 eyes.


My left eye began irritating me by the end of the day because it was a little close to my water line. I decided to go LIVE on Facebook again, in order to show you how I use glue remover to take off the areas of my lash line that were bothering me.

The next morning I filled my lashes. Here is the LIVE on Youtube


I like the viscosity of the Ardell Single Lash Glue. The glue that I have drys clear and this is not ideal, but after this experience I went online and ordered the Ardell Single Lash Black Glue. This will arrive soon and I think it will be a game changer.


I prefer C Shaped lashes as opposed to D Shaped lashes. Unfortunately, I did not have C shaped lashes in a fan set up today. I used the D Shaped Lashes and then took single C Lashes and randomly placed them.


I did an "Open Eye" lash style; meaning that instead of doing a "Cat Eye" where the lashes extend out past your eye to the side of your face, I had the longest lashes in the center of my eye.

I attempted this "Open Eye" style by placing .8mm at the most inside of the inside corner of my eye. Then I added, .9mm, then .10mm, then .11mm until in the center of my lash line right above my pupil I was at a .15mm length. Then I started back down until I was at .9mm for the last bit of my lash line on the outer most corner of my eye.


These are the D Curve Lash Fans I used, but I wished they were C Shaped

This is the Glue I used but I wish I had it in Black

This is the Ardell Black Glue I just bought

These are the single C Shaped Lashes I mixed in

These 5D Gap C Curl Silk Lashes are what I just ordered and will try next time.

Glue Remover I've used 2xs so far without any issues

Primer is essential to good adherence and a longer wear. This is the Primer I plan to use when it arrives.

To see more of what I've purchased for this deep dive into DIY Lash Extensions visit the Amazon Collection I put together.

I hope this helps in a small way if you are thinking about diving into DIY Lash Extensions at Home and I will continue to update my journey here and on my different social media platforms.

Thank you again for your kindness and support

Kim xoxo

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