Ok this is my idea and now I've created a plan/schedule for being able to do skin care together. A skin care night together has been an idea for a while and now that we have time to fill on Amazon I thought this could be the perfect fit.

I plan to go Live on Amazon for these "KAOS NIGHTS" on Fridays: August 14, August 21, and August 28 at 3:30pm PST.

If you have no idea what I am talking about please read this post all about Amazon Lives and I hope you will join me on the one later today so you can see how it works:)

I've planned each of these nights to be on different topics:




I picked products that I have used many times and think you will be happy with. If you already have some of these items on hand thats perfect. If you look at the regimen and choose to use something different, that is of course fine as well. I just wanted to create some skin care nights where we could connect and do something together at the same time. With this said, if these times will never work for you because of your schedule or location in the world, please know these lives are saved on Amazon, so for instance if its too late for you to join me Live because you live in Europe, you can always do this routine with me on the following day, it will still be there:)

I've planned very basic entry level procedures so no matter how familiar you are or not, I hope you will feel inspired and confident to do something new on these evenings with me:)

Also, I want to stress that you do not need to feel obligated to buy everything for each night, or even feel any pressure to participate at all. If you just want to show up and watch and comment this is perfectly wonderful. I just wanted to involve anyone who wanted to participate.

Lastly, because I know shopping all the time can be expensive and annoying, I've tried to incorporate into each night products that can be used on going and further, rearranged into future nights. I do plan to do more of these nights if these 3 go well, and we will all have many of the same products to pull from to use all together:)

As many of you are aware I am an Amazon Influencer and when you click many of these links I do receive commission.

Natural Kaos is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com.

Many links are affiliate links, meaning I am compensated when you shop through these at no extra fee to you. These help me spend as much time as possible dedicated to making content on Youtube, Amazon, Private Group, IG and FB. Thank you for choosing my link:) kim



Friday, August 14, 2020: 3:30pm PST



We are going to microneedle with a .3mm roller. If you want to use something different by all means do so. This is set up for the person who has never microneedled before and needs a little support to start:)

We are going to use my favorite bow headbands (of course you can put your hair back anyway you like).

We will use the Cos De Baha HA to microneedle and we will use this Missha 4 piece gift set to layer on skin care.

The Cica Hyalon 3 part mask sets will come in handy for tonight and for future nights.

I added this keto cookie cup, because I just ordered it and I'm excited to test it, so I thought we could try it together. If this is not your thing, feel free to bring your own favorite snack and tell us in the comments what you are enjoying.


Friday, August 21, 2020: 3:30pm PST



You can see in the above photo we will be using come Ordinary products. The Ordinary Peeling Solution I hope most of us have on hand. The Ordinary products are actually much cheaper on the Ordinary site, so you can save some money, but I wanted to keep this as clean and easy to understand, which is why I have them set up on Amazon.

We will use the Theraderma to help exfoliate our skin. Then we will add the glycolic toner (on the Ordinary site it's only $8.70).

After we let the toner penetrate, we will add on the Ordinary Peeling Solution (only $7.20 on The Ordinary Site)

Then we will rehydrate our skin with The Real Barrier Cream Mask and then finally we will apply a sleeping mask from Cica Hyalon.


Friday, August 28, 2020: 3:30pm PST



During this evening together we will be dermaplaning our faces. I have included 2 options of tool but you are free to use what you have on hand. If this is your first time, the Tinkle razors will be the safest. I plan to share both the disposable Swan-morton 10r and the tinkle so either one you feel comfortable with I will do with you.

The ordinary Niacinamide is only $5.90 on The Ordinary Site

You can see, in this line up there are some re-occurring products from previous nights.

Please give me feedback: Do you think this is a good idea and do you like the way the nights are organized? Do you plan to attend and participate in one or all of them?

Again, please do not feel pressure to go grab any of these unless this is something you really want to do together. Believe me I am fine just doing it by myself, but I believe there are some who might like this interaction. If that is you, please go get want you need asap so 1the items are in stock and 2 the items have time to arrive before we go LIVE together:)

Have a great day

Kim xoxo

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