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I'm Kim Pratt, The Doctors Show invited me to be on their show to discuss the community of DIY skincare treatments, or so I thought...

Kim Pratt The Doctor's Show


In November of 2019, I was featured on The Doctors Show. On this program, we discussed my YouTube Channel, Natural Kaos, The Doctors consider some procedures I share on my Youtube Channel to be radical and reckless.

Although some procedures have higher risks than others, they focused on 2 videos I had on my channel, The Lip Filler and The Botox videos, both of which have been removed; not by me, but instead, by big pharmaceutical companies aided by Youtube. These videos can now both be found in my Private Facebook Group Natural Kaos Tribe

*Gaining acceptance to this group is a privilege, not a right, we have strict rules and zero-tolerance policies.

The Natural Kaos Channel attempts to cover every skincare procedure that a consumer can easily purchase. My goal is to not always be shocking and rebellious, instead, it is meant to empower and push the envelope of what we perceive possible at home.

If you'd like to read more about my journey and why I choose to do my Skincare treatments at home, you can check my DIY skincare journey here.


I personally do not believe Doctors are greedy. I did not look for alternatives because I was unhappy with my healthcare providers or thought they were overcharging me. Their rates include more than just products. They have offices, staff, insurance, marketing, and taxes. Their overhead has to be considered and will always be part of how Doctors stay in business. Healthcare is just a business like any other, it has product cost, overhead, and profit margin, this is not evil, this is how people survive.

Currently, there are so many options to empower your skincare journey. If you enjoy seeing your doctor, and you have the time and financial resources to constantly have procedures done in an office, no need to change. Your doctor is not taking advantage of you, he is offering you services that he has trained for and is financially vested; this allows him to give you the safest and best outcomes. One of my favorite local facial plastic surgeons is Dr. Rice. He has done Jeuveau and subcision for me and I think his office and his care are great.

Dr. Rice The Esthetics Center


My skincare journey has been one of empowerment and exploration. It was never intended to start a war between healthcare providers and a community that loves to troubleshoot and DIY.

The Doctors Show invited me on under false and misleading pretenses. They said they were interested in my Youtube channel Natural Kaos, and the DIY community that was emerging. I knew they would have a few tough questions but then we would move on and discuss how to better help the growing DIY community with more helpful information and insight.

Instead, I was blindsided and attacked the entire program.

"They had their audience BOO me, I didn’t realize I was on Jerry Springer!!!"

The entire time, as I sat on their couch I fought back tears as they attempted to “straw man” me (an intentionally misrepresented proposition, which is set up because it is easier to defeat than an opponent's real argument).

Their prejudice and inability to step back and be rational was quite telling. The middle female Doctor said that if she, "was doing what I was doing she would go to jail,” that statement alone was fallacious.

First, I learned how to do Botox and filler on YouTube watching other doctors demonstrating how and where to inject. If it’s illegal, and they are held to a higher standard, then why aren’t they in jail?

Second, my videos were never the first ones up on YouTube showing these procedures, there are so many videos like mine on YouTube. However, mine got more attention and the injectable RN community made it their mission to take them down, not theirs; oh yes they have them too; and not those of other medical or non-medical demonstrations, just mine.

So, in the end, the entire conversation was convoluted. I never came to The Doctors Show to debate whether doing professional procedures at home was safer than going to a doctor's office. This is the debate they wanted and continued to push for. I wouldn’t give it to them, I continued to bring the conversation back to my talking points. I wasn’t there speaking out of emotion or fear, I was there to address a growing community that is not going away. I thought they would have given more credence to the actual story but instead, they just wanted ratings and sensationalism.

The LA panel of Doctors is so removed from their actual daytime audience that they don’t realize that I am the Midwesterner looking for options. This elitist mentality will be the end of this show as the people who view this program are like me, not like them. It’s the reason my YouTube channel continues to grow in popularity daily, it resonates and gives hope to so many.


During the filming, the RN who joined me on stage insinuated that I was "just a stay at home mom with a Youtube channel," first this woman has no idea who I am and what my abilities are and second, she has no clue what building a successful Youtube channel takes, its not magic it is hard work, stamina, drive, and yes I do it at home with kids... its pretty tough. What's wrong with being a stay at home mom (SAHM)?

This Freudian slip, was of course telling and I believe gave great insight into how she and the Doctors on the panel view stay at home moms but guess what, they cut that part. They cut it since stay at home moms are their audience, no one bites the hand that feeds them plus they wanted this nurse to look like a savior and for me to be the villain. I am outraged by the narrative that some producers want to invent at my personal expense.


My channel, Natural Kaos, is not all about Botox and Filler, far from it, but The Doctors Show is not journalism, they don’t care about actual reporting, they care about eyeballs for their advertisers. I was good tv for a hot minute and provided material.

Further, to illustrate how low they are, they did not compensate for my travel or time. I went to Los Angeles in order to film 2 weeks in a row, but they said the publicity my YouTube Channel would receive would be my compensation. I agreed to this because I want to grow my Youtube channel, I've never hidden the fact that my Youtube channel is a business and it supports my family and my dreams.


Recently, I found out they will not be linking to me or my channel on their site or stating my YouTube channel name. Instead, they are linking to the RNs laser center business.

The Doctors Show took advantage of me in every possible way, from their contract that basically states they owned everything about me and my children which extended to the universe; I’m not making this up, its insane; to misleading me on how I would be compensated with channel exposure; to changing the narrative that I agreed to discuss with them on national tv; and finally, blindsiding me with an RN who apparently called the FDA on me. I learned for the first time that the FDA had been contacted while sitting on that couch filming.

Additionally, all 3 doctors plus this RN continued to distract from the DIY communities' existence in order to continue their elitist narrative that all DIY goes badly and that no one is as intelligent as them.

  • By the way, there are no statistics proving more accidents happen at home than in offices. And the reports globally of vascular occlusions from filler is insanely low. I'm not saying it doesn't happen, but your odds of dying in a commercial plane crash are higher. Between 2004 - 2016, 93 vascular occlusions were reported globally. Between the same years, 257 commercial airliners crashed killing thousands globally. The world still agrees commercial air travel is the safest way to travel, in this comparison you are more likely to die in a commercial flight than get a vascular occlusion from filler. With this said, I would agree that vascular occlusions are probably under-reported, but even if we doubled or tripled the reports the occurrence is very low. In 2016 the US alone performed 2.6 Million filler procedures and annually this number is rising. I would love to see stats, as both office and DIY procedures rise, do reports of vascular occlusions rise?

I sat there alone, absorbing their false allegations, unsubstantiated talking points, and constant emotional appeals. No real substance was discussed, and then at the end, the younger male doctor says, “well Kim, at least you never pretended to be a nurse.” The illogical nature of the entire show was mind-blowing! And to think, they all went to medical school. YES, I never claimed to be a nurse, in fact, I take pride on my channel saying quite the opposite...I’m not a doctor, nurse, or esthetician, but I can read and I can figure stuff out. A medical license lets you practice medicine on others! I do not have a medical license and therefore do not practice medicine on others, nor have I ever wanted to.


It became apparent that they believed I wanted to be a medical professional. They are so delusional, I promise I don't want to be a doctor! when my skill level is better put to use on content creation which most people cannot replicate. I know what my strengths and talents are. I know I could go to medical school and become a nurse or a doctor, I choose not to. My time is better spent on building a social media network that fills me and others up daily. My channel has a global reach with a larger impact and aspirations than a medical license could ever provide. They simply don't understand.


I left feeling attacked, vilified, misunderstood, and honestly a victim that I am not, and will never claim to be. I am much stronger than this show, which claims to report about current trending topics. They used me for ratings, made their elitist team and the RN who came, look like a bunch of Mother Theresa's, and threw me under the bus on an argument I never argued. They wanted me to claim that DIY is just as safe as a professional's office; I have never made that claim and that has never been my stance so why would I argue this point?

I know that my perspective and thought process resonates with more people in this world than the panel of LA doctors. I gain strength from knowing that they do not understand America and do not know how to connect with others. The injectable nurse community is small in comparison to my DIY empowered community and I take great strength and resolve knowing that no matter how professionals want to view me, I know exactly who I am and who I stand with.

I am Kim Pratt from Natural Kaos, I love troubleshooting professional skincare at home, sharing my journey with others, and traveling the world with my children. I am blessed to have an incredible home, family, and community. I am strong enough to take the Fake News and any heat others want to throw my way.

"Kim Pratt won't be fear mongered into silence!"

Thank you for joining me on Natural Kaos I value you as a member of this community. If you found this blog and haven't seen my episode, check it out: Kim Pratt on The Doctors Show

Kim Pratt xoxo

Natural Kaos

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