"Give me 6 hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the first 4 sharpening the axe." Abraham Lincoln

It doesn't matter what products, devices, and or knowledge we have regarding skin care;

"if you fail to plan, you plan to fail"

Realizing this in "yours truly", I decided during the slow week between Christmas and New Years to clean out my bedside table and organize for those coming days where I will be lazy, tired, or even sick.

You don't need to run out and buy anything. If you are like me you have a ton of half used or opened bottles and jars of skin care products, I simply repurpose many into a in bed routine.

  1. Further, I have a lot of product and a lot of devices, none of the items I feature in this blog or it's accompanying video are necessary.

Instead, let's consider what you enjoy using, what is simple for in bed use, and what are some tools you might need in order to make this work.


1st, you have to clean your space and make it tidy.

I actually made a little IG Reel of when I was cleaning my bed side area up:)

2nd, what items inspire you to care for yourself?

For me, its facial sprays! I absolutely love them and here are some I have used for a long time like my Caudalie Beauty Elixir as well as some newer face mists I recently purchased.


3rd, how will you cleanse your face and teeth in bed?

I'm currently using facial wipes from Neutrogena but you can look at the multitude of face wipes available or you can have Micellar water and cotton pads to help remove the day. Even if you never wear makeup, you should be wearing a SPF every day and SPF can cause break outs, I know:) so make sure you have some in bed protocol for cleaning your face.

Teeth care appears to always be on my mind!

For me, I have my night guard and floss sticks, I also like the wisps because they brush the teeth and freshen breath without water.

*If you do not use a night guard I implore you to start, you might not grind like me but as we age we are wearing down our teeth, and length in teeth imparts age.

The shorter the teeth, the older you are.

My night guard was made by my dentist, but there are DIY kits where you make the impression yourself at home, mail it to the lab and they send you back a professionally crafted mouth guard, this is money well spent in preventing tooth loss and maintaining youthful teeth.

4th, what actives will you use?

I am using the the Dermelect Self-Esteem Beauty Sleep Serum and the Super Retinol from Beauty Pie

5th, what will you use to hydrate?

I like having many options for hydration from the multitudes of facial mists to facial oils, creams, sheet masks and sleeping masks. Here's a bunch of hydration options I have in reach, to help me and my skin feel lots of moisture and hydration.

** I used many of these Neutrogena products Live during a recent Amazon Live and you can view that LIVE here:)

***This blog post and accompanying video are not sponsored by any of these brands or products shared. I do link back to many on Amazon as well to specific device companies. I am an affiliate with Amazon and with these device companies and want to make sure you know I truly appreciate when you use my link and or my promo codes as they do support everything I make and create. With all this said, make sure to make the best financial and researched decisions for yourself when choosing products and devices.

6th, what devices do you want to keep close?

I have devices galore so you can't use me as an example of normalcy.

You don't need any devices, however if you have them and you are struggling to use them on a regular basis, or there is one you want but are trying to fit it into your busy life; then consider putting them next to your bed.

My night stand includes:

NIRA LASER because I use it everyday unless my face is healing from a recent procedure.


BOSIDIN IPL because I am treating myself weekly for permanent hair removal. Treating everywhere on my body takes nearly 45 minutes, so being able to do it in bed while watching Netflix is essential if I'm going to be successful.

OMNILUX LED FACE & NECK MASKS These medical grade LED + Near Infrared Masks are wonderful because they are light, flexible and battery powered!!!

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Between these 3 devices, I am covering a lot of skin rejuvenation territory:

The NIRA is a FDA Laser for treating eye wrinkles, it can be used other places on your skin but it has been cleared effective for the treatment of eye wrinkles.

The BOSIDIN IPL not only treats my hair removal experiment/goal, but you can pop on its magnetic lens cover and treat your face on the Skin Rejuvenation "SR" mode to strengthen the collagen and elastin in your skin.

The OMNILUX LED is a medical grade LED company who recently released an at home LED Mask and Neck/Chest device. I will add the technical specs below, as well as mention that Omnilux LED has confirmed multiple times that you do not need to close your eyes during treatment, which means you can safely multitask anything, including cleaning the pool:)




There are many things in life that cause me frustration, one of them being power cords, power strips, and then hunting under my bed for an open slot to charge.

Make sure you are prepared to easily plug any devices in that you decide to place on your night stand. Even if they use rechargeable batteries, they still need to be plugged in periodically. I never have enough plugs, so I made a quick and cheap solution that I could easily access.

This is just a power strip that I mounted in 2 seconds with double sided foam tape. I did use dollar store adhesive so it has not been the strongest, especially with weighted cords. So I plan to actually put 2 brad nails in the side of the night stand. This will allow me to secure the power strip tighter and it will handle more weight.


Get yourself a long phone cord. I love having length with my phone as I relax in bed, no longer worried about any tension from the wall or on the insertion point on my phone.

7th, Choose Your Favorite Scents

I like having my oil diffuser next to my bed. It not only emits essential oil into the air, but it also emits light which makes my atmosphere calming. I use different essential oils in my room including, Dream Catcher and Capri Blue the Anthropologie Volcano smell, it's heavenly.

8th, Lips, Cuticles, & Extras

I constantly have dry lips, perhaps due to my Sugar-Free Red Bull obsession:) Obviously keeping water at your bedside is an essential part of your set up. Beyond water, I have some extras stocked in my bedside nightstand:


I wanted to make sure that I had a photo on my night stand that brought me good feelings and memories. This is a picture of me holding Emmitt (my first born) right after he was born. Glancing at this picture lifts my mood and helps me remember what is most important; my family.


Having a nice set of pajamas and a silk pillowcase will help promote all those luxurious feelings we need when we are exhausted, tired and or sick. At least they make me feel better:)

9th, What sounds help you sleep?

In 2020 I read the Glow15 book and besides other take aways, I was very interested in the chapter all about sleep, and preparing yourself for sleep, including using a Pink Sound Machine. This sound Oasis device is small, re-chargeable battery powered, has 20 sounds built in for 8 hours of continuous sound, is bluetooth, and will accept a micro SD card which means you can add more custom sounds.

10th, Finding Order, Balance and Beauty

Is this even a possibility?

There is no perfect way to organize yourself. Through trial and error you will find what works, what is taking up extra space, and in the end what you truly need. This is just my current set up as we embark on 2021. It most likely will change, adapt and improve as I put it to use.

Drawer's, drawer dividers, pretty ceramics for holding items, and plastic containers all have their place in helping give order and beauty to any mess. The items in my photos were literally pulled from around my house and they work perfectly.

If you want more inspiration here are some lovely finds that I think I might order this year to vamp up what I have done thus far:)



I hope in 2021 we all find our beauty stride. That we make the most of what we buy, find more ways to multitask, and that we honor ourselves with beauty time, whether it is front of a sink and mirror or in front of our favorite show that helps us decompress. Skin care, beauty care, self care; whatever you want to call our skin obsession hobby, keep in mind it should make your life better not more cumbersome.

The quote I used in the beginning of this post is how I truly feel.

"Give me 6 hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the first 4 sharpening the axe."

Abraham Lincoln, in my opinion summed up this experience. I will spend half a day putting together my lazy skin care in bed routine so that on the days I feel overwhelmed, exhausted or sick, the effort is done. I can simply be the most efficient with the little energy I may have on that future day. And, I will be grateful I took this time now to prepare for my worst days.