In 2013, I began looking to professionally care for my skin at home; I had 4 little boys in 5 years and I didn’t like making appointments. I realized early on, skin only improves from frequency and 1 appointment here or there would not be effective. My first ”professional treatment” at home was a 25% TCA Peel. I had previous acid peels done in offices, both esthetician’s and Doctors, so I was familiar with chemical peels and how my skin tolerates acid.

I live in a state where esthetician’s are not allowed to use TCA on clients, thus to have this peel performed I would need to go to a plastic surgeons office. I would love to be at a plastic surgeons office for this peel, getting the benefit of their sedative drugs and expertise. However, a TCA 25-30% peel in a plastic surgeons office will cost $1000 and I can buy the acid on Amazon for $20. Does this peel hurt? YES!!! Your face is literally curdling off as the keratin in the skin coagulates, this is very similar to watching egg whites fry.

Because this acid is easily sold online does that mean it's a safe procedure? Only you can answer this. Do your research, have one professionally done, and then decide if you want to take on this risk.

Once I realized I could do my own TCA peels at home, I decided to look for other procedures I could manage. I started Microneedling with a Dr Pen and my skin started to change. The texture, tone, and clarity improved and frankly Microneedling is not rocket science, plus I was witnessing great results.

Friends would constantly ask me about my at home skincare routines and finally I decided to start a Youtube Channel featuring what I was doing in 2018. As I dove deeper into the possibilities I found reputable suppliers for injectables from the UK and Korea. I do not buy my injectables from EBay, AlliExpress, or Wish, although, some make allegations I do.

I've tried a bunch of acids, needles, skincare, different injectable pens, and different botox solutions. I am always interested in what is on the market and what I can learn about. Do I find it all effective? not always, but I love the act of testing, troubleshooting, and seeing what the possibilities are at home.

The journey continues on my youtube channel Natural Kaos

To read about my recent experience on reality TV, check out my blog post: Kim Pratt, "The Doctors Show Blindsided Me"

Kim xoxo

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