On the 3rd day of Christmas, Natural Kaos gave to me...

... a Bosidin painless at-home permanent hair removal device!

I have been using this at-home hair removal device for a couple of months now and I can definitely see a difference, and it turns out I wasn't even using it right... so I am starting over and I bet I will see even better results for hair removal! One of my favorite functions is the cooling function. It cools your skin while using to help deflect some of the mild pain that might happen, but it's still pretty painless!

To enter the giveaway go here: On the 3rd Day of Christmas Giveaway

For more information & the full rules on the rest of the Christmas Giveaways, check out this blog post: 13 Days of Christmas Giveaway

Today as I am writing this they are offering $30 off on Amazon when you clip the coupon, which is a great savings! So check it out, if there is a coupon, hurry & go grab it! Bosidin Hair Removal Device

I have filmed myself using this on Amazon Live and on Youtube, so make sure you check them out to see my personal experiences and my tips. My sister even tried it with me (She's had professional laser hair removal) and she says it feels just like it does in a professional office!

GOOD LUCK & Merry Christmas!

xoxo Kim

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