On the 4th day of Christmas, Natural Kaos gave to me...

... a bottle of Maysama Serum & a 1-year membership to the Natural Kaos App!

I am so excited to be sharing with you all one of my favorite serums! This past summer I really got into antioxidants and how they work to improve my skin (from the inside & out). I share what I learned in this video.


taken from Maysama's website & you can check them out for more details on the benefits

Aside from boosting the immune system, rooibos tea drinkers have reported a rejuvenating effect on skin health. Skin benefits include reducing the signs of aging and alleviating skin irritations and allergies. Accordingly, rooibos extract has been used in cosmetic products over the years but what is it about this wonder herb that makes it a powerhouse for skin health and healing?

  • Rich in Anti-oxidants

  • Natural Anti-Oxident Enzyme

  • Anti-aging

  • Anti-Inflammatory

  • Fat Protection

  • Weakens Protein Glycation

  • Anti-Bacterial

  • Rich in Minerals

  • Rich in Vitamin D

  • Anti-Viral

  • Anti-mutagenic

  • Hypoallergenic

Depending on your location you will go to different versions of their site to learn and shop, go check them out! KAOS10 to save 10%

MAYSAMA: US Site (Ships to US, Canada and Mexico)

MAYSAMA: UK & Rest of World Site

The owner of Maysama is just so sweet and I now consider a friend. I was so excited that she wanted to participate in our giveaway! So make sure you fill out your entry form for a chance to win! (Remember, you MUST be a member of the private app to qualify, and make sure to use the email for your private app account for your submission). Enter the giveaway here on gleam: "On the 4th day of Christmas giveaway"

If you'd like to see the skincare routine I put together for myself you can check out this blog post "EUK 134 SKINCARE ROUTINE: AM & PM" and the video I put together for it.

Don't forget, besides winning this awesome serum, you will also receive 1-year FREE in my private app!

To make sure you are up on all the rules and how to enter, make sure to check out the main post about the giveaway: 13 Days of Christmas Giveaway

Once again, thank you for stopping by & GOOD LUCK!

xoxo Kim

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