On the 8th day of Christmas, Natural Kaos gave to me ...

... a NIRA Skincare Laser!!

So many of you know how much I love my NIRA, I have been using it daily and can really see great results on the wrinkles surrounding my eyes. These have been the wrinkles that have been the hardest for me to diminish. A question I get often is "how do you know what's working if you try so many things?"... and most of the time people are right, it's hard for me to know what things are more effective over others. BUT most things are hard for me to use consistently because one thing will affect another or I can't do one thing while I'm healing from another etc. With the NIRA, I've been able to be super consistent and it doesn't give me downtime so I don't have to skip it when I am filming something else.


Another reason that helps me feel like it's super effective, the fact that I can't use it at the highest strength! I am still at level 3, which took me time to get to! It goes up to 5, and I don't know when I'll be ready to go up another level! For most devices I try, I can always handle the highest setting pretty much right at the beginning, so that has to mean it's effective, right?


I add this to my morning routine and it is seriously so simple. In 2 minutes I can treat the areas I need. It counts and beeps when I need to move the laser and beeps again when I am complete! I seriously turn it on and it tracks the rest for me!

Check out my youtube video I made of it when I first received it:

I also did a follow-up video here:

Anyway, it goes to show you how much I LOVE THIS DEVICE!

I am so excited to be able to give one lucky tribe member this device! If you already have one, well why not gift it to someone on your list for Christmas??

Make sure to enter this giveaway here today! On the 8th Day of Christmas

For more details on this giveaway and all the rules, make sure to check out this post: 13 Days of Christmas Giveaway

I wish each and every one of you luck & can't wait to pick the winners of all these fabulous prizes on December 14th!

xoxo Kim

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