On the 9th day of Christmas, Natural Kaos gave to me ...

... a BIOEQUA Enercharger Facial Lifting and Tightening Beauty Device!

I have been using this device for the last month (actually slightly longer) and TODAY the video I have been working on for it premieres (8am PST)! Once it is live, it will show up here!

The Enercharger is designed for “everyday use”! Twice a day for whole face collagen-boosting for up to one minute OR spot treating for up to 3 minutes is also highly recommended!

When you want to focus on spot treatments or facial contouring, you can use it for up to 3 min on each of these areas:

  • forehead wrinkles

  • under eyes

  • crow’s feet

  • restoring volume to the Cheeks

  • nasolabial folds

  • marionette lines

  • adding jawline definition

Warning: People with sensitive skin should not apply more than one min for spot treatment! Should experience a localized painless redness if the situation occurred! This redness will be faded away within a day or two!

Use this device for one min for a whole face routine for energizing, boosting collagen, pore refining, dermal hydration, and glowing!

  • You can apply with your own skincare products!

  • For recharging or collagen boosting, please use water-based lotion or serum!

  • You can also enhance the adsorption of cream in your skincare routine by applying 1 minute with Enercharger

I am excited about this device because I always love to have these little systems set up to do daily that help improve my skin but don't give me any downtime. I am also excited to be able to give away 2 of these today!

Want to snag your device now?

Well, you are in LUCK! Right now you can save 25% when you use my code on Amazon KIMF125OFF, follow this link to snag it! BIOEQUA ENERCHARGER F1

Good Luck to you all & I hope you enjoy my video!


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