Welcome back to my podcast Anyone Can Make Money On Youtube. This is episode #6 entitled BIG BULLIES. I’m Kim and today we are going to explore what happens when you ruffle feathers, expose sales channels no one wants exposed, and get taken advantage by huge networks.

After this episode your eyes will be even more open to greed and power, its actually shocking how small creators are tread on, but nonetheless its the reality of Youtube and powerful companies.

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In my previous episode “Affiliate Money” I explained how affiliate marketing worked and how I leveraged a very small platform and audience to make a sizable return. Today, we move away from the nitty gritty of me making money and we discuss how BIG BULLIES make money and how their sway and power is unmatched by small creators.

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I was once told to stop believing life was fair or that it should be. It’s unfortunately true, as children, especially in the US we grow up believing that rules, policies and rights of individuals are protected. We conclude that if something violates our freedoms then the violator of our freedoms will be held accountable. Not to be negative or burst everyones bubble of altruistic beliefs but unfortunately this is just not the case. Yes the US is a great country founded on a belief structure that has given rise to the most powerful economy, constant ingenuity, and more personal growth than anywhere else.

I am a capitalist in nature. I truly believe the invisible hand of capitalism guides our economy and the less regulations on this the better. So it pains me when I see corporations taking advantage of their creators, pharmaceutical companies being appeased and tv networks doing whatever they want to make episodes, and no one is being held accountable.

This episode is not meant to crush the theory of free markets nor victimize myself. I am not a victim; I will tell you multiple accounts of very unfair scenarios over my past year with the intent to illustrate what happens when you are disruptive in a market where there are huge profits to be made and very powerful companies in the mix.

My YouTube channel covers DIY skincare and I am willing to try and share things that are available to the DIY market. Basically if I can buy it online then others can too, I’m not buying thru the dark web or using crypto currency. I’m buying from online websites who accept major credit cards. I never realized this could be a controversial topic, which was simply naivety on my part.

As we know from previous episodes, I began my more controversial DIY channel with the Microneedling video and then the TCA video. Then I followed with the Plasma Fibroblasting Pen as well as testing the Hyaluron Pen plus a myriad of other devices which I sourced online.

Because of the sites and topics I searched I was pitched more and more aesthetic sites, especially when I was on Facebook. I knew that people were buying Hyaluronic Acid Filler to fill their lips and Botulinum Toxin like Botox or freeze their faces online but my biggest concern was always could these products be trusted.

One day while on Facebook I saw an ad for a site in the UK that was selling filler for lips. I browsed their site and saw many name brand fillers, which of course could have been knock offs, but the more I examined their site and even chatted with their live help, I decided to order some Belotero Intense filler with the purpose of making a lip filler video.

I thought this could be a good video because this is a topic being searched, and although there were already lip filler videos on YouTube none were high quality or gave any safety concerns about this procedure so I thought I could improve greatly on this topic.

My filler arrived quickly and I spent 2 weeks preparing for this video, making charts of the face, looking at Beloteros site to understand best practices for injection and watching many doctors videos online of how they administered filler. I then spent a whole afternoon filming.

Injecting my lips was and remains to be one of the hardest DIY procedures I have ever done. It’s very painful, it takes a ton of stamina, and remember I am filming the whole time, needless to say I was relieved and proud when I accomplished this procedure. My lip filler video premiered on May 28, 2019 and by far was my most successful video at that point, I had almost 10,000 views in its first 24 hours, it brought in a whole new DIY audience and basically it was performing exactly like I had hoped.

Then I started getting a borage of comments both on Youtube and on Instagram by the aesthetic nurse community telling me to take my video down; saying how dare I post such a video and shame on me and my reckless behavior. I wasn’t sure why they were so angry, there were other lip injection videos on Youtube by non-medical channels, I just assumed maybe this group of RN’s did this to everyone who put up injection type videos.

Then 3 or 4 days after my video aired I received a private message on Instagram, not an email but a message from an attorney that worked for the Merse Pharmaceutical company asking me to take my video down. She said although her company was grateful I had chosen their product; the Belotero Intense filler I had picked was not yet FDA approved for use in the US and that because of this they did not want it being marketed but that they were interested in me choosing other products they offered that were FDA approved. Then she concluded by saying they did not think DIY injections were safe and I should seek medical attention.

I replied and said she was welcome to email me at my email.

I never received an email nor a response from this attorney after this odd encounter.

While this is taking place I am still being attacked by very vile and hateful accounts claiming to be aesthetic nurses. It was like a mob attack or a feeding frenzy and they were out of control, they started reposting my account telling others to contact Instagram and YouTube and have me taken down because I was a reckless human being and didn’t care about others.

It was complete insanity, but I just kept blocking and ignoring these accounts. I didn’t break any laws and again there were other lip filler videos on YouTube so I didn’t understand why these RN’s decided to go after me.

My lip filler video had been up for 2 weeks and was over 40,000 views. Youtube during this time had slowed its growth saying that it had an age restriction of 18 and up, which I agreed with, but this restriction meant it was not getting pushed out as much as it had been previously.

Then on June 10 Merse Pharmaceutical filed a False copyright claim and Youtube removed my lip filler video. I have a video on YouTube going more in depth on every detail, this video is linked below in the show notes. Needless to say this is when my eyes were opened to big corporations looking out for one another.

In case you are unaware copyright claims on YouTube are a big deal, and typically they center around music. In this case Merse is saying that I copyright infringed by showing their product that I used, the Belotero Intense.

This is not copyright infringement, if it were then every video on YouTube is copyright infringement, in fact we could not have any review videos, unboxing’s or even wear nike shoes in videos because it could all be considered copyright infringement, but as we know 100’s of millions of videos exist and they are not taken down by bogus copyright infringement claims.

I knew this was fraudulent, I knew I was protected by the “Fair Use” law, so I hired an attorney. Youtube promises creators that if there is a copyright claim made, then the party making this claim has to provide a timestamp in the video for where this infringement exists. We countered the claim requesting the time stamp.

Youtube responded saying, “they did not think I understood copyright infringement” we responded saying we did, our attorney wrote letters to YouTube corporate asking them to respond and provide timestamps so we could understand what exactly Merse was alleging was being infringed, again silence.

We pushed for the repeal counter notification a second time. This process is set up that the party who claims copyright infringement has to support their claim with evidence otherwise my video goes back up. Merse was either suppose to allow my video to go back up or show Youtube within 10 business days of my counter, that they had filed an infringement case against me in court.

Instead Youtube gave me a Strike against my account, took the $300 my video had earned at that point, never made Merse provide any time stamp, never responded to any of my lawyers letters, and still to this day on my account that video says “counter notification under final review”.

Well we are coming up on a year since this took place, I’ve spent thousands of dollars on attorney fees and I was robbed by both YouTube and a pharmaceutical company who didn’t want their shady sales channel being revealed.

This is why Merse wanted the video down, it had nothing to do with public safety nor copyright infringement. It has everything to do with money.

In my video I was super transparent, as I am with everything. I showed the site where I ordered the product from, I showed the Belotero Intense on this site, when my product arrived I showed the serial numbers, unpacking of the product and then showed injection of this product. If I had been less transparent on where I bought my filler and what brand of filler I used, my video would still be up. Merse and all of these pharmaceutical companies love selling into doctors offices when their products are finally FDA approved but until that point they love selling under the radar into homes from overseas vendors when their products are not FDA approved.

Instead of Youtube supporting one of their creators who actually exposed this system going on, they helped Merse hide it. Youtube, Pharmaceutical companies and the FDA are all best friends and they protect one another. By YouTube censoring information and protecting big corporations they not only hurt me as a small creator but they hurt society because they are censoring information and that is not Youtube’s job, they are suppose to be a platform for information, but they are overstepping and they are becoming a publisher. When they edit and censor information especially when that censorship only helps a pharmaceutical agenda Youtube is a publisher and thereby needs to responsible as a publisher.

But Youtube doesn’t want to be a publisher because that would be huge liability for them, so instead they shout that they are platform but then covertly whisper they are a publisher, hoping to capitalize on both aspects, not assuming liability as they pick winners and losers.

During the summer for 2019 the realization that YouTube neither upheld their own protocols and policies nor were they reachable to discuss issues dawned on me and I felt extremely alone. Up to this point, nearly 12 months of working on YouTube, I had felt very inspired and absolutely loved being part of Youtube’s ecosystem. Now I realized at any moment my ability to grow on YouTube and the income I was generating could all be gone in 1 second and there would be no recourse; even as I talk about this I feel extremely upset and vulnerable, where is the open platform for discussion?

Understanding that I have absolutely no rights on YouTube and that it could all be wiped out, I set up a private FB group. I did this as a knee jerk reaction to make another place where the conversation that some audience members wanted to have could exist and where I could place controversial videos. This group has now grown to over 10,000 very loyal tribe mates who share their own DIY journey and it has become an incredible source of inspiration and support for me. My private FB group is the silver lining to the Lip Filler video takedown experience; without that catalyst I would have never looked, to start another platform.

During the summer of 2019 my four boys and I spent July and August in Spain.

It was a nice relief to the struggle I had just been though. While I was traveling I was contacted by CBS’s The Doctors Show. The producer had found me on YouTube because of one of my Hyaluron Pen videos and said she was “obsessed with my channel” and would I be interested in being a guest on their show. I told her when I returned from Europe I would be interested in the details and to discuss this further.

At this same time my 3 month strike from the Lip filler video had expired, so I launched a knock off Botox video. I used a Korean brand, but after my lip filler video experience, I decided to remove all of the labels from the containers and never made mention of what I was using and where I got it from. I thought this would be ok because no brand would feel threatened and hopefully no one would be upset and those who found value in this type of video would be served. In this video I said to join my private FB group if they wanted more info on where to purchase product. This video launched, Youtube said they didn’t think it was suitable for most advertisers, I requested a manual check. A day later a manual check confirmed that this video would not be monetized but that, I was fine to keep it on YouTube. I understood this ruling, and although I was a bit sad it would not make any money I looked at it like a Loss leader and knew it would bring in more subscribers who resonated with my outlook.

Then in September after a few conversations with the Dr’s Show I went to LA on 2 different occasions for filming. The first Friday we filmed I walked away very happy, I felt like we discussed the DIY movement, not just surrounding injectables which lets be honest, I only had the lip filler video which was no longer up on YouTube and presently there was 1 ‘botox” video up where I don’t reveal what brand I am using. So although it appeared, that the Doctors Show wanted to make my channel out to be all about injectables, which we know it isn’t, I decided to still move forward with them hoping to bring more attention to the DIY community and that its not filled with reckless nor ignorant people, but instead full of very rational and sane individuals who look for alternatives. During this time I am being promised by the show that the publicity and traction this will give my channel will be great and although there may be tough moments overall it will be a balanced conversation.

In the end it was a full on ambush. The panel of doctors attacking me the whole time, they brought on a nurse who said she called the FDA on me, and to top it off they completely slandered me saying that I was doing illegal acts, which is not true. I can’t help that they don’t agree with me or the laws in our land, but to bring me on national tv under a false guise and then shame me was honestly a horrific experience and it took everything inside of me to not burst into tears while on stage.

I sucked it up believing in the end it would still be ok, my channel would grow from this experience and luckily I made it off the stage not shedding one tear. Then a few days before the airing I realized the show was referring to me “the DIY woman” or “Kim” no last name and no YouTube channel. We called them thinking this was an oversight and to fix it before the air date; but in the end it wasn’t an accident, they actually excluded all of my information on purpose, saying that as a medical show they could not in good conscience help people find my channel. So let’s be clear, they loved having me on for sensational tv but they couldn’t in good conscience let anyone know who I was. To make this whole situation even more ludicrous, during the filming, the female doctor said she didn’t think professionals should have injectable videos up for the public to watch and I actually thought ok that is a fair stance, then the next day after my segment ran they aired a new lip injection technique showing the audience how to inject your lips to look like Angelina Jolie.

I have a response video to this whole experience on my channel where I break down every moment while I was there, how they edited the footage, cut my responses, and even took responses I made and cut them to fit their narrative. The deceit and egotism of that show and of CBS was appalling and it’s no wonder their ratings continue to fall.

Additionally, they have their own YouTube channel where they place trailers and segments of videos, and on the few I was in on their channel they turned off commenting because people were asking how to find me, and others who knew would tell them Natural Kaos, apparently CBS didn’t like this so they turned off commenting, how High School is this failing network?

Remember how earlier I told you I had a botox video up and although it couldn’t be monetized Youtube told me it was alright being on their platform? Well 2 months after that video went up and was approved, Youtube removed it, telling me I had violated community guidelines and giving me another strike. Because of this additional action toward me, if I put up another video that YouTube or the medical elite don’t like and its removed, I will not be able to post a video for a week and it starts a slippery slope towards having my channel removed.

So I feel 100% censored. Other non medical and medical channels are allowed to upload and monetized injectable videos, but I am not allowed to. It would be one thing if YouTube wanted to say no one could upload these types of videos, again this is them censoring content making them the Publisher that they truly are, but at least it would be across the board for all. Instead, they choose to subject my channel to different rules than others have to follow and I have yet to hear from them why. What is their reasoning, why do they even want to get involved? If they are truly a platform then remain that way, keep servers going, keep advertisers advertising, help creators succeed with good insight on how best to use your platform and stop getting involved in picking and choosing content because all that means is that Youtube is choosing and picking winners and that makes YouTube a very unfair work environment. I believe one day they will answer for all of this as I am not the only one being targeted and abused by their corporation.

And if someone who works at YouTube is listening to this, I would love you to explain to me what happened, where is the timestamp on my lip filler video for how I infringed, and why did you manually tell me my botox video was ok and then 2 months later remove and it give me a community guideline strike? I am a reasonable person and would love more transparency and insight, because right now as I continue to make content I feel like at any moment you could tell me I violated a rule I didn’t know existed while others don’t have to abide by the same rules.

Ok guys I hope that saga with the BIG BULLIES in my life wasn’t too depressing. I still love so many aspects about being on Youtube and I do still very lucky to have built my little mini empire on the web. It was brought me friends from all over the world and has allowed me to connect with more people than I could have ever done otherwise.

Thank you for joining me today and In the next episode, COMMUNITY BUILDING I will share about my private FaceBook group, how it came to be, what makes it successful, and my goals for 2020.

Thank you friends, xoxo Kim

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