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There is more to gain in being liked by a few, rather than by all. This may seem counter intuitive to you.

I know you are thinking, we should want everyone to like us, this way you start with the largest audience possible.

In theory being liked by everyone on this planet would be ideal, but pleasing everyone is impossible and you will never be relatable if you attempt to create content that you think everyone will like. Content that the entire world will like, first, does not exist, and two is way too broad. It also doesn’t spark attention, and in this crazy loud world when you are in a fight for eyeballs and earlobes, being acceptable for all, will never give you traction, interest, nor create loyalty.

The best example of this polarizing phenomena is our current President Donald Trump. You are either passionately opposed to him or a die hard supporter, there really isn’t a middle ground with Trump. He views, not being liked by everyone as a strength, not a challenge. In fact he is probably the most polarizing person in the world. This works well because for voters, his brash I don’t give a damn about the establishment personality, is extremely relatable and transparent. He is likely the most effective candidate ever when it comes to connecting with his target audience, serving them and inspiring loyalty and passion.

I'm sure I will get a ton of comments about this section of my podcast, please share your thoughts you are welcome to tell me I’m wrong, just keep it classy.

I use Trump as an example that being disruptive and polarizing can find you an audience. You may think your audience is out there, but you are not sure how big it is because no one has syphoned or connected with that niche. When Trump was running for President he knew middle America was frustrated but no one knew how big this audience was. As soon as he started saying, what the US conservative population was already thinking, it quickly became apparent that Trump discovered and gave a voice to passionate Americans who had felt overlooked by Washington. His disruptive rhetoric syphoned his audience in a very loyal way. Trump has more engaged and loyal supporters than any previous Republican candidate in my lifetime, why is this?

I believe it’s because Trump does not try to be everything to everyone. He knows what his audience likes and he sticks to those talking points, this builds trust, consistency and a very loyal and valuable audience. Whereas if we look at Mitt Romney’s political career, Romney tried to appease both sides and in the end no one thought he was conservative enough. Consequently, he struggled building and connecting with an audience because he never found his niche. He apparently thought being conservative with a social healthcare plan would bring everyone to rally, but instead, it only confused voters. Oddly, Romney and Trump are actually kind of identical on paper, they both share a business background, they are conservatives, they both had wealthy upbringings and then they both became even more wealthy based on their own merits. The major difference between Romney and Trump, is that Trump didn’t care about trying to stay in the middle, Trump let his radical don’t care, say and tweet what I want, freak flag fly, and it inspired a new generation in politics.

Of course bring on your comments, I’m sure there are people who think I am way off, just remember to keep it clean.



I hope at this point you are absorbing that building an audience is the same concept for all arenas be it, a political campaign, a company, or a social media platform. An audience is simply a group of people with something in common. I have no idea if that’s how Websters dictionary defines an audience but it’s how I define it. Side note: In case you are unaware I make up my own words and definitions.

I just looked up Merriam Websters dictionary and it defines an audience as “a group of listeners or spectators” I actually like mine better, because the synonyms they use are: cultfollowership, and or following which, is why I believe the audience we are talking about is one that shares a commonality and is loyal based on that shared belief.

This episode is called POLARIZING VIDEOS. Remember how we left episode 2? It was October 7, 2018, I was 4 months into my Youtube journey, I had 30 videos up, 168 subscribers, 400 watch hours, and had made a goal that I was going to be monetized by the end of the year. In order to submit for approval into the Youtube Partner Program you need 1000 subscribers, and 4000 watch hours. If you are a small Youtuber you know this goal was probably a bit of a reach, but I made it nonetheless. Realistically I was thinking how close can I actually get.

At this point I’ve still not isolated my audience. I’m similar to most small Youtuber’s, I'm making videos seeing what may stick, and because of Young Living many of my first videos are about products I am using from their brand. Although, initially I thought Young Living could be a good niche, it became evident that these videos were not going to grow my channel, there simply weren't enough people searching the Young Living topic.

To achieve my end of the year goal I decided to do something drastic to become more searchable. This drastic video concept had been with me since the inception of my channel but I was nervous to make it and share. Up to this point my channel had featured a bunch of Young Living product un-boxings, some makeup and our family trips. The video I was contemplating I knew could be polarizing and I wasn’t sure If I was ready to be attacked by online accounts. With my deadline looming I decided I would make a 25% TCA Peel video.

Every fall for about 4 years I had been peeling my skin with TCA at home, and although I was always happy with the results I knew there would be people who would not approve of my at home skincare regimens. Quickly, for those of you not aware, 25% TCA peels are done in plastic surgeons offices. The burn is very intense, it curdles the keratin in your skin causing the epidermis and upper layers of the dermis to die and fall off leaving your skin clearer and tighter. You can understand my reservation in sharing this skin ritual. But in the end, I pushed the fear of any negativity to the side and did what was best for me and the growth of my channel.

On October 8, 2018 my first TCA Peel video launched. Between October 8 and December 8 (so 60 days) this video alone brought in 4000 watch hours and another 300 subscribers. Seeing that this content was resonating and doing well I decided to share another skincare process. My first microneedling video launched on November 11 and in its first 30 days it brought in nearly 2000 watch hours and 330 subscribers.

On December 12, 2018 I had over 7000 watch hours, 60 videos uploaded and 1100 subscribers. I quickly applied for the Youtube Partner Program hoping I would be accepted before the end of the year. I was approved and on Christmas Day, December 25th, 2018 my first google ad ran on my channel, and it was a United Airlines commercial. The United Airline ad was the perfect Christmas gift and it filled me up because it was the causation of 6 months of hardwork.

Just as I thought, people were searching for TCA peel videos and although the search volume isn’t insane it was enough to trigger a domino effect.

But at first I thought I had it all wrong, I was a bit dissapointed because it was not performing as well as I had hoped and for a minute I didnt think it would launch my channel. Then 2 weeks after the TCA video had gone live, I started to notice that my comments were growing and views were starting to double. I looked at the analytics and I could see that Youtube was reccomending my video. Finally, I had found something that would resonate and provide value. That video is over 30 minutes, and people view most of it to see the outcome, because of its length this video provided me a lot of watch time and my watch hours shot up.

The 25% TCA video brought in all types of comments because people either loved it or hated it, thus it was just like Trump extremely Polarizing. Most of these comments were good, but even the bad ones I appreciated because it was more interaction on my little channel which helped the algorithim see my video as relevant and desirable. This actually brings me to another key point, commenting.

I see so many small YouTube channels putting out content but never taking the time to comment back, this is such a lost opportunity. If you get 5 comments and comment back to all 5, now you have 10 comments. This is good for your channel to show engagement and interest. My first year on YouTube I commented back to every single person, even the crazy fowl and rude comments. This is what you have to do to grow, build community and show people you care, and that you are real. If you want people to care about you, you better first show them you care about them. This goes back to my point about always giving incredible value and reason for people to give you their time, eyes and earlobes. I actually feel incredibly humbled and grateful every time I receive a comment on my channel. I beam, thinking wow this person found me, watched my video and then decided to take the time to write me; how can I not honor them back?

If you are listening to this podcast and you are from my channel comment below if I ever messaged you back. I don’t feel embarrassed asking this question because I know I have spent hours every single day personally commenting back and responding to the heaps of IG messages and emails I receive daily.

This world is so loud and the competition so intense I know first hand you have to offer more than a video on a searchable topic. It needs to be quality, meaning the production level is high, with awesome music, titles, outtakes, good audio and lots of insight on the topic you are offering. Also don’t play the click bait game with tags that aren’t in line with your video or thumbnails that aren’t relevant; number 1 this is lame and desperate and 2, the algorithm will not reward you for this, but instead drop you, because if people click your bait and immediately leave, YouTube will stop recommending you. And YouTube recommending you is where the growth and money is made. You need Youtube loving you, the algorithm loves you when people stay and watch your videos, then it rewards you by pushing more of your content out to the world of Youtube. Youtube’s goal is simple, they want people on their platform as long as possible, because they sell advertising, if your content keeps them there then this is a win for all parties, Youtube and you.

That was a bit of a tangent but I think it’s critical in understanding methodology on YouTube and insight into to how to give back to the community you are hoping to build and how YouTube will give back to you if you make quality content that serves an audience.

My 25% TCA peel and then My Microneedling video both put me on the Youtube map. Those videos are still some of my top performing videos that make me money over a year later since their premier. They are what In the Youtube world we call ever green material. And with content in mind lets take a minute to look at content and what you are going to choose when creating a channel.

If you think you are going to pick up a camera and start vlogging and people are going to flock to watch you, sorry to burst your bubble but they won’t, you are not the Kardashians so no one is searching your name nor do they want to watch you.

I realize this is tough but it’s just the reality and you came here to learn how to make money on YouTube so I am going to be real.

If you want to grow a channel and make money from it, you need to pick a niche, and create very searchable videos on that topic. Kim’s vlog #3 will never be searchable nor will anyone want to watch me, whereas How to Microneedle at Home will be, plus a how to video will be relevant for years to come, this is what makes it “Ever Green” content, content that can live on making you money on YouTube for years.

I have a video on my YouTube channel that shows you graphs and compares videos of 2019 so you can see what I’m talking about when I refer to videos that will pay you every month.

Now with that said, as you gain traction and people are interested in you because they found you due to your searchable and helpful ever green content they will want to see glimpses into your life.

After uploading 230 videos I did a Q&A video about myself. I released it on New Years 2020 and that video was well received because I had worked for a year on giving 55,000 subscribers reasons to connect with me.

Ok so this is what you are going to do. You will need a note pad for notes, if you are driving come back later and look in the show notes where I will list these steps or listen to me again, haha

Choose a topic and niche you feel confident in and see if you can find a polarizing spin on it. For instance, I hate cheese. I know I’m the only one in the whole world but its true, I don’t like it. If I were launching a cooking channel, I might take the approach of making recipes that always call for cheese and creating them without. I might do a video called, Cheese less Philly Steak Sandwich. People are going to wonder why there is no cheese on a sandwich, which normally has cheese, also this will resonate with a dairy free audience.

Or if you are really into fitness, you might do a challenge video. Like documenting fasting for a week and what happened. Or drinking celery juice for a week. Or what happens when you stay in a sauna for 3 hours; I don’t even know if this is safe, but if you are into health you can figure out a challenge that people will want to watch and then of course criticize you for. Probably a good rule to implore is, if you know people will love or hate the topic you are presenting then you are on the right track.

Find a few other channels in your niche who kind of have the same vibe as you. This will be helpful because you can see the view count they receive on topics and what appears to be resonating. Make a list of 12 videos you want to do in that niche, see which videos are ranking in the top 10 for those search terms, watch these videos, take notes and then, make your videos production and audio superior to your competition on Youtube.

As you make your video keep in mind Youtube values longer videos so make sure to be past the 10 minute mark. I find 25 minutes to be ideal but don’t waste peoples time and make it long for no reason, if you need more time add in more value, helpful tips, incredible b roll set to awesome music, a video insight about you, something to extend the video that adds value, not just time.

Make sure to edit out all of your Um’s and pauses.

These steps are written out:

1. Find your topic/nicheAdd a Polarizing spin

2. Observe your competition take notes

3. List out 12 videos to make

4. Make your quality better than your competition

5. Make sure each of your videos is over 10 minutes, 25 minutes is ideal

6. Edit out Um’s and pauses

So far I hope I am not wasting your time and that you are finding good insight into what I did this past year. I look forward to visiting with you in my next episode THE MONEY

Thank you friends for all of your kind support it has been so rewarding to work on this little entrepreneurship podcast:) Kim

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