Why I shave my face? Why should you?

Shaving my face is not just about removing hair, it is about manually exfoliating my face. The blade not only will take off peach fuzz but it will remove the top micron layer of skin and this is a huge benefit in skincare.

Apparently dermaplaning is still considered taboo and I'm not sure why.

These are the common things I hear when I tell people I shave my face.

-Woman don't need to shave there face because the "peach fuzz" hair is not noticeable.

-If you start shaving your face the hair will grow in thicker and darker.

Both of these statements keep woman from shaving their face and both of them are false. Shaving is not just for men, and because you shave your face does not mean you are a hairy monster. Shaving your face is part of a monthly anti-aging protocol.

I have been shaving my face with a Tinkle Razor for years. I started with the Tinkle because it has a guard and you are less likely to cut yourself, plus they are cheap and easy to dispose of. During the past years my hair has never grown in thicker nor darker. Perhaps it could for ethnicities that already have dark hair on their face, I can't speak to that scenario, I can only share with you my personal experience and what I have observed on my own skin.

I try to dermaplane my face every 4-6 weeks. Of course this depends on other manual or chemical exfoliations I am doing, but if dermaplaning is your only exfoliation you can do this almost every month. The vellus hair known as peach fuzz, and the dead skin cells we all possess, keep your products from penetrating as thoroughly, and keep your makeup from sitting as well.

Have you ever powdered your face and then caught a side angle in the light only to see wisps of hairs on your face you typically never see? I have and once I realized I could remove them as well as help exfoliate my skin I was hooked on shaving my face.


-Provides deeper product penetration

-Removes soft facial hair that traps dirt and oils

-Promotes smoother skin

-Safe procedure for removing dead skin cells and “peachfuzz”

-Reduces the appearance of acne scars

-Diminishes the look of fine lines

-Works on all skin types

-Instant results and no downtime

I just stepped up my dermaplaning protocol by switching to a scalpel. This of course can be dangerous and you can cut yourself so keep all of this in mind and if this is your first leap into shaving your face use the Tinkle Razor but if you are ready to explore the scalpel method here is a video of my first time and these are all the tools I used.



10R blade

Safety Box

Oseque Face Wash

SeroZinc Spray

NIOD Amino Isolate

3 Step Mask

Lastly, if you are not ready to DIY Dermaplane your face at home, don't sweat it. I think the best course of action is to make an appointment with an esthetician and have this service performed. Then you will know if you like it and if you feel comfortable attempting this on yourself at home.

I hope this helps give more insight into this procedure.

Kim xoxo

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