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Where did this year go? Thanksgiving is next week followed by Christmas a few weeks later. This Skincare Christmas Guide is quite possibly more for you than for those on your list, lol, but you could always send this link to your significant other and then you know you will get something good.

I've used all these products for a period of time, some much longer than others, but overall everything is tested; they warrant a special splurge or wrapped up under the tree.

I made a video on all of these items and why I like them but I wanted to give some more detail in this post:)


1. CAUDALIE BEAUTY ELIXIR My all time favorite skin spray. I bought this a few years back while we were in Paris and ever since I have been obsessed with this elixir and with the whole Caudalie line. They sell this spray in smaller bottles too. These smaller bottles make great teacher, neighbor, and friend gifts, plus get yourself one for the car. $33

2. HUXLEY SECRET OF SAHARA SLEEP MASK I first used the Huxley brand when I was testing a sheet mask. I was blown away by the quality and wanted to try more. This sleep mask is thick and will help hydrate during these cold dry nights. $19

3. PETER THOMAS ROTH INSTANT FIRMx EYE I recently tried this after a member of my Private FB group, Natural Kaos Tribe, said it gave incredible results. I instantly purchased it to try. I didn't have high hopes and then to my amazement I watched my eye lines flatten out. It's not a long term fix, but it does work magic for a time. $38

4. DR. JART+ CICAPAIR TIGER GRASS COLOR CORRECTING 30 SPF I've been using this cream/spf under my foundation. I enjoy that it color corrects and the cicapair treats my redness. It includes spf which is always a plus and it has a nice consistency for under makeup or for just going out. I actually wear this a lot on its own and I am trying to get my husband to use it more. $50


1. SIO BEAUTY DECOLLETTE REUSABLE ANTI-WRINKLE PAD I started using these pads for my chest wrinkles because I am a side sleeper. I didn't think it was going to do anything and to my surprise the next morning, #1 it was still in place, and #2 no creases on my chest. Mind blown. Each pack includes 2 chest pads and they can be re-used up to 15 times. $30

2. SHISEIDO BENEFIANCE WRINKLE RESIST 24 EYE PATCH These are little luxury packs. I appreciate how they stay put. I use them before a fun night/event or when I am traveling. What makes these great, is that you order a box of 12 and then you can break them up and give them as stocking stuffers or as part of a gift. Teachers love these!!! $55

3. FARMACY HYDRATING COCONUT GEL SHEET MASK I came across these sheet masks when I was trying out a bunch earlier this year for my Sunday Sheet Mask Series and I was impressed by how well it attached and stayed on my face and how smooth it made me skin. The price point was also a huge winning factor. 3 per box. $13


1. DYSON BLOWDRYER Is still one of my favorite Christmas gifts ever. My husband bought me one 2 years ago and I've never had an issue yet. The most clever aspect of this dryer is that if you are like me and have long hair, your hair will never get caught. There is no grated intake. Plus it has sensors that monitor the heat constantly so your hair is never damaged. $400

This Christmas I am asking for the DYSON AIRWRAP COMPLETE

2. SPECTRALITE EYECARE PRO LED DEVICE DR. DENNIS GROSS I purchased these last month from Sephora because I thought they were interesting. I have other face LED devices but what I love about these is that they are comfortable, light, only 3 minutes and I can see while I wear them. I have used them everyday since getting them because they are so easy.

3. DR. PEN A1, A6, or A7 I have been using Dr. Pen microneedling pens for over 5 years, which is why I now have 3 versions. All 3 are great and each version takes its own cartridges.

-A1, which is my original is still going strong and this version goes to a 3mm depth. If you choose this model, make sure to buy extra A1 cartridges because I don't know how long this pen will continue to be supported. $79

-A6, is battery powered which I really liked for YouTube because I didn't have to plug in. It goes to a depth of 2.5mm. $146

-A7, is the most recent version. In fact I just used it in a LIVE today. Like the A1 this model needs to be plugged in and like the A6 this model goes to a depth of 2.5mm. I liked using this model today because the dials felt tighter than earlier models and I liked the speed dial on the bottom. This was a feature on the A1 that went away on the A6 and I prefer a dial for speed over a button. $147

-Hyaluronic Acid, if you buy this for yourself or especially if you get this as a gift, make sure to include a bottle of HA so your recipient can start needling.

4. FAUSTINA IPL DEVICE I got this device last month. I know this review is a bit premature. I have used it 2 times so far and it appears to be very powerful. I chose this IPL device because it came with 3 lamps; 1 for HAIR REMOVAL, 1 for BROKEN CAPILLARIES, and 1 for ACNE. I don't know if I will ever use the acne lamp, but so far I have used the hair lamp 2 times all over my body and the capillary lamp on my face twice. I am excited to hopefully report this next spring that I have less hair and that the red broken capillaries on my face have healed. $280

I hope my video explanation and this blog post, along with the shop groupings helps you find inspiration for this Christmas 2019 Season. Merry Christmas and I hope you find peace and a few quiet moments in the next few weeks to reflect on what this time of year represents.

Love Kim

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