Updated: Nov 16, 2019

“Government exists to protect us from each other. Where government has gone beyond its limits is in deciding to protect us from ourselves.” Ronald Reagan

Personal choice and the life experiences that come from the right to make choices is constantly under attack. Individuals who feel the need to tell you what is right for you, will shroud the argument with their love, their heart, their care, or their superiority of intelligence. Whichever guise they choose to implore to cause you to waiver emotionally or mentally, know that if you are an adult, over 18 years old in the United States of America, it really doesn't matter. You are not theirs to protect, it is not their right to subject you to their opinion, even if their opinion is sound. With this said, there is nothing wrong with seeking someone's advice and forming a more well thought out plan or opinion.

This fall I was a guest on CBS on The Doctors Show, although, from their site you wouldn't know it. They had me on to discuss DIY beauty care at home. Their producer found my YouTube channel Natural Kaos, reached out and said they wanted to discuss the emerging DIY community. My initial concern was their doctors would not be understanding of my perspective. These producers assured me the doctors would ask some tough questions and then we would transition to discuss the DIY community and the future of DIY in the United States.

Kim Pratt The Doctors Show
Dressing Room

If you saw the episode or watched clips on their site, you will see quickly that this episode unfolded very differently. I was accused of breaking the law, not caring about others, and basically not being intelligent enough to make decisions on my own. Further, that the people who watch my videos are not thoughtful enough to decide for themselves and mindlessly follow me into any procedure I decide to tackle.

These prepositions are put out by people who do not value personal freedom and choice.

Nothing I have done on my channel is illegal. Just because they want to stomp their feet and shush me, still doesn't make their argument true. Just because they claim to report me to entities that will listen, doesn't mean I'm breaking the law. Just because they claim to care about others and state it over and over again, doesn't mean they do.

These are emotional appeals to crush personal freedom.

As I sat on that stage, I wondered, how many of these doctors support a woman's right to choose? I suppose all of them. I personally don't believe in abortion for myself, but I won't presume to make that decision for others. I also believe in vaccines, but I am appalled at California right now for mandating vaccines under the guise of healthcare. I concluded while on stage that these doctors would rather support me killing an unborn baby, than they would me buying product and injecting my own lips.

Healthcare will be the end to personal freedom and liberty.

These doctors do not see the bigger picture. They chastise me for lacking their perspective on complications; I agree they see more complications than I ever will, and their perspective certainly gives them more cause to pause. With this said, where is the discussion? We can disagree over procedures but in the end it's not illegal for me to purchase product and use that on myself.

It's my body and therefore it's my choice.

As citizens of the United States we value our ability to make decisions. We honor and respect that we are so fortunate to live in a country that allows personal freedom. I'm glad these doctors are not elected officials, I'm positive there are other decisions they would like to make on my behalf. Why do they presume that their personal choice and freedom is more important than mine?

Why can't they be rational like most people and say, "Wow, thats pretty wild, I've seen some complications so be careful, oh and a good trick that I employ on every injection is this..." or "Watch for this..."

Above would be how a normal person would respond if they actually cared about people and safety, but not these guys. Their entire dialogue is to instill fear, make you doubt yourself, and throw out unsubstantiated concepts so you feel scared. I would love to go head to head with one of them and not be constantly interrupted, and have a fact checker to corroborate what they are spilling.

I know some incredible doctors and nurses so I don't think all in the medical field are this egocentric. And perhaps to be fair, if it was not a show, would these doctors behave the same way? I didn't behave any differently at CBS, than I do with my friends, or while I am filming for YouTube. Perhaps they are more TV doctors than actual practitioners and they can't stop acting.

“Because to take away a man's freedom of choice, even his freedom to make the wrong choice, is to manipulate him as though he were a puppet and not a person.” Madeline L'Engle

In the end they can think I am the craziest person in the room. I don't need to prove to them otherwise. What they need to prove to me is that they understand and respect personal freedom and choice; from this experience, my take away is that they don't, and doctors like these will be the end of personal freedom in America.

I will not be their puppet.


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