What Is An Amazon LIVE Influencer?

It is July 2020, we are in the middle of the oddest year in history, or at least in my personal opinion, and in the midst of pure chaos, not the good sort of "Kaos:)", but literal chaos in the streets, Amazon launches their Amazon Live platform open to all Amazon Influencers (US).

Have you EXPERIENCED an Amazon LIVE?

If not make sure to join me on my next Amazon Live! further in this post I will give you step by step instructions on how to locate my Amazon Influencer page, How to Follow, and How to Turn On Notifications. But first, let's answer the question posed;

What is an Amazon Live Influencer?

Hopefully, at this point it is obvious that I am an Amazon Live Influencer; but how did I become one, what does this platform hope to offer Amazon shoppers, and what are the incentives for influencers?

How to BECOME An Amazon Influencer?


Amazon has a partner program, called Amazon Associates. I signed up as an Amazon Associate in September of 2018. It was simple to sign up and I remember acceptance was immediate. It could have changed since I first applied to be an Associate, but 2 years ago it appeared that anyone could be an associate, you simply had to meet a certain sales volume to stay active otherwise your account was deleted.

It's quite simple, and the first time I ever used it was when I made my first TCA Peel video for YouTube in September of 2018. I had bought the acid and other supplies from Amazon, thus, in my video description I listed everything I used in the video and linked to each item by generating a trackable link with Amazon SiteStripe. The SiteStripe feature is added to your Amazon Profile when you become an Associate.

Amazon Associates FAQ

Amazon has the Associates program in all of their world markets, so you can sign up to be an associate in the 17 markets they have including:

UK, Germany, France, Japan, Canada, China, Italy, Spain, India, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Netherlands, & Saudi Arabia.

Basically anywhere Amazon has a marketplace they have an associates program, but not all global markets have the Amazon Influencer Program.

INSIGHT: I have signed up for many of these locations but as previously mentioned if your account does not meet volume thresholds then you become inactive. This happens to me a lot with Spain and Mexico because I do not sell very much in those countries.


The Amazon Influencer account is reserved for accounts who have social media presence, especially on platforms like Instagram, YouTube and Facebook where most of the time influencers only have 1 url in their profile. This allows influencers to use their 1 url link, send followers to their "Amazon Shop" where they can organize products into subcategories; such as: Makeup, Skin Tools, Skin Care, etc.

On the influencer account you can also post photos like on other social platforms but you can tag all of the items in the photo that came from Amazon.

You can see in the picture on the left, I have Curlformers in my hair, I tagged the curlers plus a few items in the photo. When you click the image, the items that are tagged appear below the image. From here you can directly access each item tagged.

It was December 2018 when I applied to be an Amazon Influencer. At first I did not realize this program even existed, but some how I stumbled across it. My Youtube Channel had just reached a 1000 subscribers, I wasn't sure if this would be enough to meet their criteria, which I believe is on a case by case basis, but my Instagram account was at 20,000 so I think that is what gave me access. I share this, because my sister Kristi @sweetnsassyeats at the time had around 1000 followers on her Instagram account and she was denied access to the Amazon Influencer program.

Below Amazon says, "We look at the number of followers and other engagement metrics of your social media presence."

Based on the above, I believe Influencers are accepted on a case by case basis.

Ok so now we understand the differences between Amazon Associates and Amazon Influencers; Associates only get to generate single links and Influencers get an actual site on Amazon to populate with hand picked products.

Amazon LIVE Influencer's

July 2020, Amazon opened up Live Streaming to all of their Influencers. Prior to this month Amazon Live was in Beta for the past year. I actually was an Amazon Live Beta Tester, and this was only due to the fact that my husband stumbled upon an Amazon Live this past March and asked me if I knew anything about Amazon Live? I responded, "i'm not familiar, but how do I participate?"

I decided to reach out to an Amazon Influencer employee who had been extremely kind to me, and asked how I could join Amazon Live? She said it was currently in beta but she would connect me with the Amazon Live team so I could participate.

I believe 2 days later I was up and streaming Live on Amazon. I was already Live Streaming on YouTube so going Live on Amazon made sense.

This new Live platform, Amazon is offering to Influencer's is still a work in progress. I streamed 11 times on Amazon during the beta period. Now that it's fully operational I have done 5 more in the past week. I believe Amazon hopes to build a social platform that would be a cross between Instagram and YouTube with easy shopping links. Seriously, its almost like I'm on the home shopping network or QVC, and I get to be a product host, but in a more authentic way, plus I don't know the rate at which items are selling out, lol:)


Watch The Above Stream

As I Live stream on Amazon, the products I plan to share are in a carousel below me, or like in the above photo to the left of me. I can cause one of these items to pop up or highlight by using the Amazon Live Creator App

Also, my understanding is that viewers can see products selling as I stream, I am not familiar with this view because from my view I do not see this, but I have been told by followers that they see products selling as I stream.

I get analytics from this app that tell me how many minutes I have streamed, how many people were live with me, how many people watch afterwards and how many products were clicked and purchased because of my stream.

LateIy, I have been live streaming a ton on Amazon because I recently found out, I'm nearly an A-List Influencer. Once I realized I had met all the other criteria I decided to tackle this 1000 minute goal.

It is difficult for me to want to pull 1000 minutes per month away from YouTube. The AdSense program on YouTube is lucrative on Live Streams; I can stream live and make ongoing ad revenue because streams are watched over and over and are very searchable.

Amazon does not have a ad program. Although, Amazon has the affiliate fee structure, they do not have in stream ads. You might be thinking that it's a trade off; on Amazon its affiliate money and on Youtube its ad money but the truth is that on YouTube it's both: ad revenue & affiliate because viewers still click links to Amazon from youtube video, therefore why I am pulling attention from YouTube and placing it on Amazon?

It's kind of a shot in the dark and we will see if pays off. I am working for the A-List Influencer spot on Amazon because 1, there is only a few who have qualified so I feel like its a huge opportunity to shine; and 2, if you become an A-list Influencer it means that when you go live, Amazon places your Live Stream on the front of Amazon's home screen.

Being on the Home Page of Amazon would be such an honor and an incredible achievement, therefore I will be streaming non-stop over the next 2 weeks. I have a schedule for how I plan to accomplish this feet. If you are ever bored and want to connect, I hope you will join me during one of these upcoming streams.

How To FOLLOW On Amazon?


Click here and then make sure you click the +Follow


Click here and then make sure to click the +Follow

Once you have followed my Amazon Influencer Page, you will want to turn on Notifications on your phone so you know when I go Live.


  1. Click Follow

  2. Click the 3 horizontal lines in upper left

  3. Scroll down and click Settings

  4. Click on Notifications

  5. Scroll all the way down to Community Notifications

  6. Turn on Community Notifications

  7. Now you should receive alerts when I am Live on Amazon

One last point about Amazon and its affiliate programs. It is required that influencers post about the links being affiliate and that they are compensated when you purchase through it. I have this verbiage in every single Youtube video's description:

* . * . * . * . * . * . * . * . * . * . * . * . * . * . * . * . * . * . * . * . * . * . *

Natural Kaos is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com.

Many links are affiliate links, meaning I am compensated when you shop through these at no extra fee to you. These help me spend as much time as possible dedicated to making content on Youtube:) thank you for choosing my link:) kim

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

It is getting more and more important that these disclosures are made and provided to viewers; first it's the law, and second and personally more important for me, it's to always have as much transparency as possible. I never want anyone who watches me to think I was trying to make a buck by not telling them that the links I share do compensate me for my time. It always makes me feel incredible when I receive sweet messages across various platforms telling me that they just ordered something I shared and that they chose to use my link. This means they know these links support me, they are mindful about using my links and further, they choose to want to celebrate their support with me by sharing. It's really incredible the kindness and support I am shown everyday by lovely strangers who become so dear to me.

Thank you for believing in me! and for honoring me with your time. Many of you have spent hundreds of hours with me; watching me mess up, apply something backwards, have an unpopular voice, butcher words and names; basically thank you for allowing me to be human and share my passion for empowerment. Thank you for your support with my Amazon Lives thus far, and I can't wait to see you tomorrow on my next adventure online.

xoxo Kim

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