Which LED Mask to BUY?

There are so many LED masks on the market, so how do you decide which LED mask to buy?

LED Mask options have changed drastically since I bought my first Heavy and Uncomfortable Face Mask 8 years ago.


-LED, or light-emitting diode therapy, is a skincare treatment that uses varying wavelengths of light, including red and blue.

-NASA originally developed it for plant growth experiments on shuttle missions and later found it to have promise for wound treatment. LED light therapy is now used by some aestheticians to help regenerate the skin from aging. It’s also used for acne.

-You can use red or blue light frequencies based on the skincare concern. Red is primarily used for anti-aging, while blue is used for acne treatment.

-Unlike other types of light therapy, LEDs do not contain ultraviolet rays. Therefore, they’re safe for regular use.

-LED light therapy doesn’t cause burns compared to other anti-aging treatments such as chemical peels, dermabrasion, and laser therapy. It may be safe for all skin colors and types.

-You shouldn’t use LED light therapy if you take Accutane for acne or if you’re experiencing skin rashes.

-Side effects are rare but may include increased inflammation, redness, and rashes.


If you are aging gracefully or struggling with acne you probably want an at-home LED mask to help elevate your skincare, but how do you decide which one to get in the sea of price points and options?

I currently have an arsenal of LED masks. Ones that are just for my face. Another, that I can lay under and treat multiple areas of my body. And, another mask for my neck and chest. In Korea, I purchased a battery-operated under-eye LED mask, and today I just purchased one intended to plump my lips.

If LED technology works, why do I continue to buy more LED

products for my skincare journey?

Like any technology, these devices are getting better for everyday use, and as they make advancements I buy new ones that have updated features.


First, LED masks are now flexible and made of silicone.

After wearing a heavy LED mask for years, which was impossible to multitask in; I bought my initial silicon LED "black" mask a year ago (January 2020) in Korea. When I first shared about this black silicon mask everyone wanted one.

Natural Kaos Black LED Mask
Black Silicon LED Mask from Korea

Unfortunately, the manufacture was not making any more, so I stopped sharing because whenever I did, my inbox would blow up and I couldn't help in finding another version. Then, this past fall (November 2020) thanks to a tip from our Natural Kaos tribemate Mickie, I bought the Omnilux Contour LED Face and Neck masks. They are both lightweight and made of food-grade silicone just like my original black mask from Korea. It's very exciting to see flexible, washable, and lightweight LED masks entering the US market.

Natural Kaos LED Mask Multitasking
LED Treatment while writing this Blog Post

Second, LED masks are now battery-powered.

For years, I would be attached to a wall outlet as I would give myself LED Light Therapy. Even with my first flexible mask from Korea, I still had to plug into a wall. This was acceptable as I would check emails or work on a blog post, like this one, and I didn't need to move. The new LED masks are battery-powered, which simply increases your ability to move around and eliminates any excuse to not give yourself LED Light Therapy.

Natural Kaos LED Light Therapy
LED Light Therapy "Unhooked"


In this week's Youtube video, I demo, test, and review my Omnilux Contour Masks along with a cheaper version that sold out in the UK but then became available on US Amazon, and the Amazon seller has it on their site for less and they gave me a 10% off promo code: Use KAOS10 here.

I agree that it is difficult to compare LED bulb strengths. Essentially, we just have to take the manufactures word for it as I don't know how to test the strength of LED bulbs at home. The strength of the bulbs should relate to cost as does R&D such as when a company gets their device FDA cleared.

LED Light Therapy Mask Comparison Natural Kaos Reviews Omnilux Contour
LED Light Therapy Mask Comparison

I made this graphic so you could easily see the differences between these 2 masks.


Both are silicone and battery-powered.


-Price: Pink Mask is $200 and Omnilux is $350

-FDA: The Omnilux is FDA Cleared, whereas the Pink mask is not.

-Bulbs: The Omnilux has 42 more LED bulbs than does the Pink mask.

-LED Options: The Pink mask can treat acne because it has Blue LED, Omnilux LED is only good for wrinkle reduction or collagen induction.

-RED LED: Omnilux has much deeper wavelengths for collagen induction as it can go up to 830nm deep, whereas the Pink mask can only go to 622nm.

My personal thoughts on what I would buy and why.

If I had all this information prior to purchasing; if I wasn't on Youtube making videos about these items; and if I was on a budget. I would buy the Pink LED face mask instead of the Omnilux Contour Face mask as it's cheaper and offers more range such as blue light for assisting with breakouts. Then I would splurge on the neck and chest Omnilux Led mask for tightening my neck and chest. The neck and chest mask has been hands down my favorite mask to wear, and I saw changes in my neck and chest after only a month of use, pretty incredible.




I really love my LED Tunnel light because I can treat other areas of my body as well as after a skin procedure such as microneedling I can lay under it and nothing touches my face.

LED Tunnel Specs $200

  • Red Light: 640nm (Red Weavelength) .

  • Blue Light: 423nm (Purple Weavelength).

  • Yellow Light: 583nm (Yellow Weavelength).

  • Led Bulbs quantity:330pcs LED Out put:35W

  • Infrared Bulbs quantity:90pcs Infrared Output:15W


True Glow by Conair Light Therapy Lip Care Anti-Aging & Lip Plumper Treatment

I actually purchased this LED Lip plumping mask this afternoon while I was looking around the internet:)

I thought this could be great immediately following lip and upper lip microneedling.


Easy To Clean Medical Grade Silicone Mouth Guard, Adapter, And Storage Pouch; FDA Cleared, Oct; Class Ii Medical Device; Safe For All Skin Types.

The listing on Amazon as well as on Conair's site does not provide the number of bulbs or how deep the wavelength penetrates. I actually screenshot a photo during a promo video they made and counted the bulbs.

This Conair True Glow Lip Plumping mask appears to have 28 LED red light bulbs. I wish they provided more information, especially since it is FDA cleared. When mine arrives we will unbox it together during an Amazon Live and see if it serves any true purpose.


In this case, I want to make sure you see the PRIORI LED Mask.

I actually have a 25% OFF code NATURALKAOS

The Priori mask is nearly identical to the Omnilux mask, in fact, I believe these are made by the same manufacture and then white-labeled for brands who market and sell these devices. They have the same structure except I like how the Priori wraps around the face. One single attachment rather than the cumbersome 2 velcro straps of the Omnilux. If you look at the spec detail, you will see that the Priori LED mask has 633nm and 830nm near-infrared exactly like Omnilux.

I just bought this mask as I'm writing this blog because now that Jason Pratt is getting into skincare he really needs his own LED mask:) Happy Valentines Day Jason xoxo


These LED Devices will continue to improve and become more effective and user-friendly, and when I write "user-friendly", I mean how many things can I multitask while I'm treating my skin. I didn't share about handheld LED devices like the LightStim because those devices require your hands and seem nearly impossible to multitask your skincare. Consistency is everything when it comes to skincare improvements, so I personally look for devices that can be added onto something I do daily, like checking emails:)

Have a great day and make sure to watch the full video on Youtube.

Kim xoxo

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