Where to Buy “BOTOX”?

“Where to buy botox?” This is the most common question I see across my social media platforms. It’s not a SECRET! I share “botox” links…

Natural Kaos where to buy botox?

“Where to buy botox?” This is the most common question I see across my social media platforms. It’s not a SECRET! I share “botox” links in the description of every single YouTube video I create. Links for, where to buy botox, are also in the multi-link URL on both Instagram and TikTok. Here is how you find all of these “Botox” links across different social media platforms.


YouTube on DESKTOP

Under every YouTube video, there is a link to expand and look at the description. On a desktop, it says, “SHOW MORE”. Click “show more” and then a long list of insights opens up. If you scroll down you will see a section that says, “SKINCARE & TOOLS”, in this section I place the links to Korean Tox.

YouTube on MOBILE

If you use your phone to watch YouTube videos, then this is how to find the “Botox” links on your mobile device. Under the video box, on the right-hand side, there is a little “V”, click it. This tiny “V” expands the description, now scroll down. Just like on the desktop, you will scroll down to the heading “SKINCARE & TOOLS” In this section, you will find “Professional” links.


If you follow me on Instagram and want to find, where to buy “Botox”? please look at my main profile. Under my name and the description of where to find me, you will see a “URL” (a URL is a clickable link to another website/page) on Instagram a profile only gets one clickable link. In order to give you more options, I use a multilink system to turn my single link into multiples. Click the blue “URL” link https://lynxinbio.com/naturalkaos This single link will open up a new page that will give you options.


For TikTok, it is exactly the same as with Instagram. I have the single “URL” link in my profile. Click this and it will open up the exact same multilink landing page as did Instagram.


In my personal opinion, Botox is the most effective antiaging solution on the market. It is also one of the most expensive to have done and maintain. I started using Korean Tox in 2019; prior I would have my tox done professionally and I would get the Gold Standard, BOTOX!!! I decided after years of having Botox treatments done, perhaps I could tackle this procedure myself. Honestly, how nice would it be to not need to make last-minute appointments when you start noticing wrinkles? And to top it off I can save money… Hmm….but is it safe? and if it is, can I, a Stay At Home Mom with a Spanish and Political Science degree feel comfortable injecting myself? These are very important questions and ones that should not be overlooked. By the Summer of 2019, my YouTube channel had crossed its first-year mark and the Private Facebook Group had been created. In the private FB group, which was built as a result of my Lip Filler video being removed from YouTube (you can still find this OG LIP video in my private app), many people had flocked in and were sharing their experiences with different products and DIY Protocols.

One of these DIY protocols was performing your own “BOTOX”. People were using Innotox and Nabota and there were no side effects or bad reactions from the users who had shared their experiences. After watching this unfold for months, along with other DIY procedures in the Private Group, I decided to tackle my own Tox!

My first DIY “TOX” was Nabota. I filmed this and it too was removed from YT in the Fall of 2019, this OG TOX video can be found in my Private App. Nabota worked great and I was happy with it. No side effects besides some bruising at the injection sites. Nabota is the number 1 used Tox in Korea and due to its effectiveness and popularity, it was brought to the US in May 2019 as Jeuveau. Nabota was rebranded for the US market and its pricing was increased to match the US “Mega Brand” BOTOX. Allergen who is the maker of Botox does not want any competition to their Billion Dollar Star product, Botox. Therefore, when another player like Nabota attempts to enter the US market, Allergen ensures by placing pressure on the FDA that competitors need to hold comparable prices, meaning that Nabota would need to increase its price per unit to be at the same price level as Botox. I had Jeuveau done professionally during May 2019 when it first came to the US as a FDA-approved drug. I filmed this experience and you can still find this video on Private App Vids Nabota and Jeuveau are the same product, both are made in Korea by the same company. If you get Jeuveau done professionally you will pay 17xs more. What I mean is that Korean Tox runs about $1 per unit or less depending on the sale, units per bottle, shipping, and any promo codes that might be available. In the US we pay roughly $15 per unit, sometimes there are sales or a company rebate, but typically $12-$15 per unit is the present cost. Professional offices are not buying tox for $1/unit and charging you $15. They really get the short end of the stick. They are forced to buy from Allergen and other Pharmaceutical Manufactures at high unit prices, such as $5-$8/unit. By the time they factor in their office overhead, staff, and insurance these offices are not making a significant profit, but the Pharmaceutical companies are. I share all of this insight with you to help illustrate the full picture, and further reveal why on occasion I get attacked online and censored. CBS “THE DOCTOR’S” INVITED ME ON FOR A SMACKDOWN! VIDEO


Natural Kaos

I’ve DIY’d with both Nabota and Innotox shipped to me from Korea. I have many other toxin’s on hand and will use them in order of nearest expiration.

In my opinion and experience, they both work the same, I don’t notice any difference between these 2 neuromodulators when it comes to efficacy. I do think that Innotox takes effect a bit faster than Nabota but I have not done an experiment to test this theory.

The reason I use Innotox over Nabota, Neotox, Toxta, Neuronox, & Re N Tox, is because Innotox is ready to go out of the vial. Innotox does not need to be mixed with saline. US Botox and all other tox solutions need to be mixed up with saline. These toxins come in a sealed vial; all one can see inside is a bit of white powder. In order to use it, you must have saline to reconstitute it into a solution that can then be drawn up for injection. THE FOLLOWING ALL NEED SALINE FOR APPLICATION:

I find myself reaching for Innotox because I don’t need to mix it. All I need is a box of Innotox and an insulin syringe. It’s pretty basic.

I have videos of me using this and where I place it in my Private App. You can find the Natural Kaos App on both the Apple and Android app stores. A Practical Guide: Botulinum Toxin Procedures from Amazon is helpful in learning about muscles in the face, what they do, and how to go about treating your personal issues with a neuromodulator.


In January of 2020, I flew to Seoul Korea, and met with Vianacare and Dermics in person. They were the first 2 vetted vendors in the Natural Kaos FB group and have served us well. UPDATE: As of 2021, VianaCare is no longer a vetted vendor of Natural Kaos. Natural Kaos is no longer affiliated, and will no longer share nor have any promo codes for VianaCare.


No worries!!! We still have 2 Vetted Vendors who are fantastic! not only in customer service but also they have lower prices. DERMICS I met with Dermics in person in Korea. Fred is the owner and has been extremely good to The Natural Kaos Tribe and we value what Dermics offers, go ahead and check out their site and see everything they offer. They also give extra deals on occasion inside the Natural Kaos App, these deals are only available to people in the app which is why I do not share these extra savings publicly. Save 10% with code: KAOS10

FILLERHOUSE  FillerHouse sent the product to me and I tested their Innotox as well as their threads, numbing cream, and other products they offer. Everything I’ve ever received from FillerHouse has been perfect and I’m very happy to have them as a Natural Kaos vetted vendor. They also give extra deals on occasion inside the Natural Kaos App, these deals are only available to people in the app which is why I do not share these other deals publicly. Save 20% with Code: KAOS20


Performing DIY procedures at home does require some tools, namely needles and syringes. Up to last month, I have simply used insulin syringes from Amazon for the injection of Nabota and Innotox. INSULIN SYRINGE

These Insulin syringes are 1ml and come with the 31G needle attached. This is the perfect tool for injecting your Korean “Tox”. I like to purchase 31 Gauge insulin syringes as this needle is the smallest. 30 Gauge or 31 Gauge will work equally well. The higher the number Gauge the finer the needle. LUER LOCK SYRINGE


This is a Luer Lock tip syringe. This means that the end of this syringe has a threading area so that different needles can be attached. This syringe does not come with the needle. If you get more into DIY procedures these syringes are great for injecting meso with very fine needles. BOTOX UNITS: 1ML Syringe Both of these syringes are 1ml and have 10 division markings on their barrel. DIVISIONS:10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 & 100. Every 10th division equals 4 units of Innotox. Likewise, every 5th division is 2 units of Innotox. For example, if you have either of these 1ml syringes filled to the 100 mark that equals 40 Units; if the syringe is filled to the 50 mark that equates to 20 Units. If you’ve never used needles or syringes, I realize the thought of ordering these items might be overwhelming. Don’t worry, each of us in the private app started somewhere and as we explored and learned we felt more confident. Please don’t stress yourself out:) just take your time, read, explore and connect with others on these topics, I think this is the reason the app is so helpful; it’s full of other people’s experiences and demo’s of how they do procedures. NANONEEDLE 34G I decided to buy the Luer Lock syringe because of the new extra fine needles from JBP Global .

These needles are 34 Gauge which means they are incredibly small and fine. If a needle is too fine this can be an issue because solutions have different viscosities and thicker solutions will not flow thru a super-fine needle. The reason these New Nanoneedles are exciting is that they were able to make the inside tube, where the solution flows thru, wider. This means the outside can remain ultra-fine, which is great when you are pricking yourself, but still allow solutions to flow thru, unrestricted. LUER LOCK & NANONEEDLE TOGETHER

I just used these Nanoneedles during my recent Innotox LIVE on Youtube when I did my Tox for the private app. This video remains up but it is private and can only be accessed from the App. JBP Global USA stocks their products here inside the US, this eliminates the international shipping and customs. They also have Human Placenta and offer discounts to my followers. KAOS10 Saves 5-10% on their site: Cosemetics: 10% Off Devices: 5% (Nanoneedles are considered devices)


If you are interested in other topics such as Numbing Cream: https://youtu.be/vhw2tAOJ7kY If you want to learn more about PDO THREADS then read this blog post



Here are some essential items to have at your house if you decide to perform your on “Botox”.


This is handy straight out of the fridge or freezer to help clot blood and reduce bruising.


Gloves are helpful if your hands sweat like your’s truly. They can help with sterile technique if you are versed at maintaining sterile technique. The truth is for most DIY procedures you do not need gloves. You are doing procedures to yourself; as long as your hands, tools and surfaces are clean you should not be spreading bacteria or bodily fluids to another person. I like gloves during a Tox procedure because it gives me more of a grip on the syringe. I also use gloves during TCA peels to protect my nails and fingers prints from desolving.


Arnica tablets help reduce bruising and they speed up recovery. I like to start taking 4 a day for a few days before I do my Tox and then I take more right before and after. I dissolve 4 tablets under my tongue.


Numbing cream is not something you have to have. In fact majority of the world injects “tox” without a numbing agent. I’ve included my favorites here for you to look at if you think you would like some extra comfort.

I hope this overview of “Where to buy Botox?” helps you on your DIY journey. Here’s to, Empowered Skin Adventures xoxo Kim



4 thoughts on “Where to Buy “BOTOX”?”

  1. Kathryn Chaytor

    I have been following you since Tik-Tok I think your face is just so perfect you’re gorgeous I’m really interested in DIY for my first time I need just a lot of work on my skin I hate it absolutely hate it and I just turned 39 and have got to do something about this I also have a lot of scarring I just need help I’m so embarrassed from all the marks on my face in the wrinkles I’m starting to get if you could please lead me in the right direction I would so greatly appreciate it I thought I would never be able to find you again once they kicked you off Tik-Tok have a blessed night hun you’re gorgeous you got a beautiful family

  2. Hello,
    What depth of needle do you use for botox?
    I think 4 mm not not sure in the 34 g?
    I am so glad I have found you I am on vacation for 3 days and have watched almost all your videos and cant get off your page. My amazon cart is flowing with all your recommendations!
    I am so excited as at 46 and have started menopause at 40 my face has paid the price. I work too hard to pay for my life and can’t see giving anymore to my local Botox place. Thank you and I will keep on line and send before and after in a few months!!!

  3. Courtney Shaffer

    What is the conversion of Im switching from Botox to innotox? I would like to know how many units of Botox it takes to equal a unit of innotox.

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