Advanced Beauty Technology

The Leaf Fusion Plasma skin care device features 6 main skin care functions and technologies in one single device. Use it in the comfort of your own home.

This unique, patented and state-of-the-art skin care solution is based on the following three operating modes (each individual mode with three intensity levels):

  • Fusion Plasma Mode
  • Smart Boosting Mode
  • Micro-current Mode
In addition, the following three technologies are also incorporated into the device:
  • Vibration
  • Probe Warming
  • Photo Facial
In addition the following three technologies are also incorporated into the device:
● Skin muscle relaxation
● Blood flow promotion
Probe Warming
● Reserve collagen
● Promote blood flow and metabolism
Photo Facial
● LED simultaneous operation
● Promoting blood flow and anti-aging

Smart Update/Calibrate Function via Mobile Phone

Select the best course according to the type of skin care product by mobile phone screen communication.
By updating the information with your specific skin care product and skin type, you can customize it and increase the absorption rate. 

Unique patented skin care solution in three steps:

Exfoliate and promote absorption of skin care products through fusion plasma and electroporation. Face lifting through micro-current massage.

1. Formation of the stratum corneum through Fusion plasma

Fusion plasma energy creates a microscopic pathway in the stratum corneum layer of the skin. Since the passageways are formed at a microscopic depth, a primary passage is secured to absorb the active ingredients of the cosmetic without damaging the skin.

It also stimulates the external stimulation of the skin by heat of the fusion plasma, induces skin regeneration and promotes skin lifting.


2. Securing passage by 3rd generation electroporation and inputting active ingredient

Using 3rd generation electroporation, it maintains the passage formed in the first step and secures additional passage to promote absorption of the active ingredients in cosmetics. The third-generation electroporation primarily increases the permeability of the field strength and cell membrane, and secondarily moves the active ingredients of the cosmetic product down the stratum corneum to promote absorption. 

3. Lifting using micro-current

It is a step that stimulates lifting by helping to regenerate ingredients related to skin elasticity by applying lower electric stimulus than the previous methods. Collagen and elastin-related ingredients, such as elasticity, age begins to slow down the recovery. At this time, the energy of the micro-current delivered to the skin through electrical stimulation stimulates the ingredients to help regenerate and promote skin lifting. 



Epidermolysis Bullosa (ep-i-der-mo-lie-sis bu-low-suh), or EB, is a rare connective tissue disorder with many genetic and symptomatic variations.  All types of EB share the major symptom of extremely fragile skin that blisters and tears from the slightest friction or trauma.  Internal organs and bodily systems can also be seriously affected by the disease. EB is always painful, often pervasive and debilitating, and is in some cases lethal before the age of 30. 

In our NKT community, we are fortunate to share our skincare journeys. I want to bring awareness to this heartbreaking rare genetic connective tissue disorder

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