Beauty Shield

Beauty Shield Elf

Extracting impurities and protecting your skin, the Elf Beauty Shield is not your average face mask. Using an iron-based formula, this mask works through magnetic technology. Despite our attempts somehow dirt, bacteria and more find their way into our skin and lead to impurities. After application, the active ingredients work to open your pores. Using …

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Kiehls Mask

The Instant Renewal Concentrate Mask offers intense hydration and replenishment in a unique way. This mask from Kiehls employs the use of cold-pressed Amazonian oils infused into a hydro-gel mask. Designed in two parts, it ensures full coverage and comfort. This refreshing mask can renew and smooth your radiant skin.   Here are the products …

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CO2 Carboxy Mask

The innovative CO2 carboxy mask from Esthetic House allows you to enjoy the benefits of carboxy treatment without any of the needles. Carboxy Therapy works using the Bohr effect. The reaction caused by the carbon dioxide injection stimulates blood flow and oxygen circulation. As a result, your skin cell metabolism increases, which lifts and brightens …

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