Clef Anti-Aging Mask

Getting older happens to be a struggle nearly everyone relates to. Unwanted acne scars, dark spots, and of course wrinkles begin to show, and block your natural radiance. After over a year and a half of dedicated research, Clef finally created their anti-aging mask. The revolutionizing Clef anti-aging mask uses the regenerative benefits of copper peptides to heal and recharge your skin. Clef, abbreviated for clean and effective, promises safe and long-lasting results for your skin. As a reliable brand, they always attempt to offer the best treatment for your skin with no added stress.

This mask, offering nine benefits in one, promises to reduce wrinkles and pores. Other benefits include increased elasticity overall firmness of your skin. The anti-aging claim of this mask utilizes the benefits of copper peptides. Copper peptides, which occur naturally within our bodies, are known for their production of collagen and elastin. Because of its regenerative properties, this ingredient repairs skin cells boosts moisture and improves overall radiance. The Clef Anti-Aging Mask, though marketed more towards those with acne-prone, hyperpigmented, or damaged skin, offers to improve skin tone and texture regardless. Using this product will leave your skin with a lasting glow that continues to enhance your skin throughout the day. Utilizing in conjunction with the Clef gel cleanser ensures your face feels revitalized in a clean and fresh way.


Here are the Products I used:

Clef Anti-Aging Mask

Derma Roller

Disposable Face Mask

Daiso Silicon Face Mask


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