Beauty Shield

Beauty Shield Elf

Extracting impurities and protecting your skin, the Elf Beauty Shield is not your average face mask. Using an iron-based formula, this mask works through magnetic technology. Despite our attempts somehow dirt, bacteria and more find their way into our skin and lead to impurities. After application, the active ingredients work to open your pores. Using a magnetic wand, it works together to extract unwanted additions and cleanse your skin. After removing these imperfections the Beauty Shield works to brighten your skin with antioxidants. Using Carrot seed oil, Sunflower, Vitamin C, and more this mask replenish necessary nutrients in your skin. Instead of washing off excess mask the magnetic tool easily removes what’s left over. Following the mask, my skin felt newly moisturized and refreshed. The magnetic mask specifically instructs application before makeup or sunscreen. By first cleansing your skin, the Beauty Shield helps protect your skin from becoming blocked again. This unique mask recharges your skin and can improve it’s overall health.

Which Products Did I Use?

Elf Beauty Shield https://amzn.to/36oisP1

Essence https://amzn.to/391awEs

AHA BHA PHA Miracle Serum https://amzn.to/3jN2wsL

Missha Sun Milk https://amzn.to/3ExAv24


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