Four beauty products that will glow up and protect your skin this summer.

Recently I was on Amazon Live and many who watched and participated were very interested in my glowing bronzed face.

I followed with a quick Instagram LIVE to share the four products bougie products that had given me such a simple but obviously impactful look.


I applied my Glow Screen by Supergoop. This slightly tinted SPF 40 has a gorgeous glow however not much concealing coverage. Consequently, this alone is for good skin days when you want to show off your beautiful clear face. You could also include a little concealer under it.


I applied the Westman Atelier contour stick in Truffle. I placed this right at the underside of my cheek. I stay higher because my face is already rigid and I’m not trying to make my face look thinner, just add some color. I add this into my eye sockets for my shadow and at the top of my hairline to help and shorten my tall forehead while also adding a slight bronze kiss.


With a damp but mostly dry beauty sponge, I apply the Westman Atelier Highlighter in Peau De Peche. I add this to the apples of my cheeks and use my finger to place it on my eyelids.


I finish this look with a fancy Tom Ford lip balm. This color is a limited edition and is called Balm Frost.

No edit on the photo below, the glow, the tint, and the bronze color has not been tampered with. This is how my iPhone 12 picked up my glow as I did a LIVE.


Four beauty products that will glow up and protect your skin this summer. Providing an SPF 40 coverage that you want to wear, coupled with the warm contour and peachy brown highlight, plus a frosted lip to set everything off for a luminous natural glowing look.

Further, it’s the quickest polished look I know right now:)

Enjoy Kim

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