Introducing this treatment, my Microneedling 101 post helped familiarize you with the concept of microneedling. In this microneedling demo, I’ll go over additional questions as well as some tips and tricks if you want to try it out! As I demonstrate how to microneedle I am using stem cells from Celltermi and Dr. Pen. Since the microneedling process opens channels in my skin, the stem cell is able to more effectively stimulate cell growth. Combined with collagen and elastin production, this process replenishes my skin tone and texture. Microneedling can be pretty intimidating your first time. Hopefully, this microneedle demo will help ease your worries and inspire you to try it out. If you’re interested in learning to microneedle make sure to check out my other videos!


Which Products Did I Use?

Dr. Pen KAOS 12

Derma E Firming Serum

Daiso Mask

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