Farmacy Sheet Mask

The coconut gel Farmacy sheet mask uses a variety of antioxidants to cleanse and brighten your skin. It’s known for its illuminating properties as well as its fast-acting results. Each mask, infused with natural superfoods, harnesses the power of mother nature. After using this mask, Farmacy promises a radiant glow from the natural ingredients. Whether or not you have sensitive skin, this mask is the perfect opportunity to relax and brighten your face. Sephora praises Farmacy masks for their natural ingredients through a clean stamp of approval. Free from parabens, sulfates, and phthalates, the Farmacy coconut gel sheet mask offers your skin radiance in pure form. Additionally, it utilizes the raw elements of the outdoors provided to each of us.

Purple broccoli, a main ingredient, infuses minerals that moisturize your skin. In addition to other antioxidants, it provides chlorophyll to brighten and clarify your face.  The Farmacy gel sheet mask is made of a bio-cellulose material that increases comfort and effectiveness. In addition, this mask uses plant-based collagen for its well-known properties. Naturally-derived collagen offers your skin a youthful and healthier glow. Coconut, another main ingredient, provides the necessary moisture to help refresh your skin. To increase this moisturizing ability, the brightening sheet mask uses hyaluronic acid. This product is rather unique, demonstrated by its ability to hold nearly a thousand times its weight in water. The Farmacy brightening sheet mask immediately brightens your skin and continues to give you that healthy glow throughout the rest of your day.



Here are the products I used:

Farmacy Coconut Sheet Mask


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