As many people start to wonder if their skincare is working or which product is more effective, new technology has evolved. Technology that allows you to literally look and the mirror and see the real effect your skincare routine is leaving. This is where the HiMirror comes in. The HiMirror assesses your skin’s current condition to help you recognize what you can focus on. At the same time, its skin analysis engine tracks your progress to ensure your treatments are effective. As you analyze the before and after effects of your facials, the HiMirror lets you know which area had the greatest effect. In addition, this device can also be utilized for makeup. The HiMirror’s augmented reality features allow you to try on different looks without any effort. You can also test different lightings with it’s variety of LED features. With all these claims, I’m starting to become a little skeptical. Will all of these actually work? And is the HiMirror worth it?


Which Products Did I Use?

HiMirror Mini


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