My SEMAGLUTIDE Taper Journey! Astonishing OZEMSPIC Weight Loss Transformation!

My Epic Semaglutide Taper Journey! Astonishing Ozempic Weight Loss Transformation!

Many asked what my semaglutide dose was, how I tapered off, and how much weight I lost during my six-month timeframe using Semaglutide.

If you don’t know what Semaglutide is, it’s a peptide that you inject once per week and basically takes away your desire to eat. The name brand that you may be familiar with is marketed as Ozempic.  I used Semaglutide from a compound pharmacy, and it was compounded with Vitamin B12, which is why the vial has a red hue.

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When I started in July of 2023, I was around 130 lbs. If you saw my mommy makeover videos, I shared that I had gotten down to 118 lbs; however, two months later, my weight had climbed up 12 lbs, causing me some alarm.  My goal was to be 110 lbs, and please remember I am 5’2”, so this is a reasonable weight for my stature.

On July 2, 2023, my initial dose was ten units at a lower concentration of Semaglutide.

On July 9, this increased to 15 units of the same concentration.

On July 16, it increased to 20 units on the same concentration.

On July 23, I dosed another 20 units on the initial concentration.

In August, I dosed 20 units each week.

At this point, I had a follow-up appointment with my prescribing doctor, and he decided to bump my concentration up for my next vial of Semaglutide.  For September, I began using the higher concentration but reduced it from 20 units down to 10 units for September 3 and September 10.

Basically, I was giving myself the same dose because the ten units at the higher concentration are equivalent to 20 units at the lower concentration. As September progressed, my weight was 115 lbs, and I wanted to start tapering.

Many people might always need to utilize a GLP-1 peptide such as Semaglutide, Liraglutide, or Tirzepatide to control their blood sugar and their addiction to food. However, most will taper off once their goal weight is achieved, and this is how I tapered.

I began by skipping my dose on September 17. I did feel hungrier during this 2-week spread, and on September 24, I injected 20 units of the higher concentration. I continued this same 20-unit dose every two weeks in October, Injecting on:

October 8 and October 22

My weight was holding at around 110 lbs, and I was thrilled.  In November, I cut this down to one dose per month, injecting on November 26 following Thanksgiving.  At this point, I wasn’t sure if I would give myself another dose because I knew I was getting quite thin.

December, like every December, was more hectic than normal, and I wasn’t weighing myself, and I wasn’t paying attention to food.  At Christmas, I made a lot of our traditional family Christmas foods, and I felt more motivated to eat.  However, I became concerned that I was eating too much sugar and decided to inject again on December 26. Even though I thought I was eating a lot, my weight had dropped again to 105 lbs, and I quickly realized this was all in my head, and it actually caused me some alarm.

During New Year’s week, I didn’t even want to weigh myself, fearing I would drop below 100 lbs. I recognized at this point that Semaglutide had worked its magic, and I needed to stop using it. I was aware that to get this shape, I had compromised a good deal of muscle and, I’m certain, some bone density.

I have not dosed in January 2024, and currently, I don’t have plans to use it again. The semaglutide has helped me not crave sugar as I once did. Christmas, I think, was an outlier because although I did eat Christmas Cookies, bread, and potatoes, I didn’t have binges. In fact, we threw a lot of it away as the holidays ended.

The use of Semaglutide did cause a metabolic stress in my body from low calories, and that is the reason I believe this November I had a very intense hair shed, resulting in nearly 50% of my hair falling out. Luckily, I did start with an overabundance of hair, and although it’s hard on me to have this hair loss, I’m assured it will grow back.

To aid my hair regrowth, I’m currently taking the Smarty Pants prenatal gummy daily. 

Additionally, I add Mary Ruth’s Women’s Multivitamin + Lustriva Hair Growth Liposomal to my Stanley Cup each day.  These vitamins are linked in the description of this video. I also switched to BondiBoost HG Duo Shampoo + Conditioner. I really like how this makes my thinner hair feel after a wash and blow dry.

In January 2024, I started lifting again to restore muscle loss and improve bone density. 

My protein goal is now 120 grams per day, and I’m hopeful this will allow me to rebuild muscle. I still go to hot yoga two times per week because it’s an incredible body detox. My studio is heated with radiant heat that improves my circulation, healing, and metabolism. I’ve also added walking to my routine. I walk 2-3 miles at a speed of 3 miles per hour at an incline of 4. I do these walks a few times per week while LIVE on Instagram so I can walk and talk. You’re always welcome to bring your questions and insights, and I do my best to respond.

I realize that many have concerns about the use of Ozempic or the peptide Semaglutide and the potential side effects. From my point of view, seven months after starting it and now stopping, I’m extremely satisfied with the outcome and will continue to share how I manage my life after using it.

I’m one month out from my last semaglutide injection, and my ability to eat has increased. However, I don’t feel emotional towards food, and this hopefully will help me achieve my goals for nutrition.

If you’ve watched my previous food videos, you know I believe meat heals. 

My husband changed his life dramatically last year, eating a meat-only diet. My original plan was to go strictly carnivore, but I’ve decided that for the next few months, as I build muscle and bone density, I need more calories.  Meat is amazing for so many health reasons, and it will help you shed fat. One reason is that you become less hungry when eating meat only. This isn’t a bad thing if you want deficits and to maintain muscle. However, if I want to build muscle, I need more calories in a day.

Along with 120 grams of protein, I also want to hit 1500 calories per day. To do this, I will be adding sweet potato, rice, avocado, and a coconut milk chia pudding along with lots of meat to help me restore muscle. I don’t want all of my nutrition coming from protein shakes, although they are great and convenient, and I do utilize them.

I will, of course, keep you posted on my journey and what I notice, and hopefully, share some new successes this coming year.




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