Natural Kaos EXPOSES Bikini Iron Beauty 2 Year FTC FRAUD

Most likely you just watched the video detailing my relationship with Bikini Iron Beauty, aka Annie Marie Boatright, and her 2-year fraud with Lux Lip Lab LLC, as they intentionally violated FTC laws and defrauded the entire DIY Beauty Community.
Our community cannot tolerate bad actors like Annie Boatright, Bikini Iron Beauty and I believe together we can stop not only her fraud but also her constant bullying.
After you watch and read the evidence of her FTC Fraud you can report Lux Lip Lab LLC and Annie Boatright here thank you for helping keep our DIY community safe from those who would take advantage.
Copyright disclaimer under section 107 of the Copyright Act of 1976, allowance is made “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, education, and research.
Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that otherwise might be infringing.
What happens if you violate the FTC Act?
Criminal prosecutions are typically limited to intentional and clear violations such as when competitors fix prices or rig bids. The Sherman Act imposes criminal penalties of up to $100 million for a corporation and $1 million for an individual, along with up to 10 years in prison.
Annie Marie Boatright who owns Lux Lip Lab LLC has intentionally violated the FTC Act for the past 2 years. On September 25, 2019, she had Legal Zoom file on her behalf an LLC called Lux Lip Lab LLC.
The California State Secretary Office will not let me link directly to this document.
You can easily get it to populate by:
Clicking Here and then following below,
Select: LP/LLC Name
TYPE: Lux Lip Lab LLC
It will generate a summary page.
Then open up the PDF document.
Screen recording of looking up the Lux Lip Lab filing.
As an influencer online we are required to disclose all relationships with brands, promotions, and compensation, including:
Annie Marie Boatright has pretended to be an affiliate for Lux Lip Lab LLC for the past 2 years. Encouraging her followers to buy Lux Lip Lab products, claiming they are the best, and constantly using them on all of her social channels. Never once did she disclose I own Lux Lip Lab LLC.
In her description box, she never states she owns Lux Lip Lab LLC
Instead, she goes on a rant attempting to say I tried to get her fired from her own company.
She has defrauded the entire DIY Beauty Community and rather than being a shining example of what we want our community to represent; one of transparency. She is the polar opposite, she lied to all of us for 2 years and deserves to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law as she has done everything in her power to INTENTIONALLY be deceptive about her ownership.
Click here to file a complaint if you feel you have been misled by Lux Lip Lab LLC and their relationship with Annie Marie Boatright.
I never thought I’d spend this much energy on a low-brow bad actor like Annie Boatright, aka Bikini Iron Beauty. However, when I discovered her ongoing deception I decided it was time to share everything I’d experienced. She is a bully and I think that is why so many back down and avoid her altogether. I won’t back down because I have nothing to hide. She can send me all the hateful foul-mouthed communications she wants and I will continue to document it all until the FTC intervenes and follows its protocols.
My responsibility is to share everything I know and have experienced during the past 2 years since Annie Boatright, Bikini Iron Beauty first contacted me in June of 2019. You can read everything I ever sent her and everything I’ve received from her and from Lux Lip Lab LLC, you decide if Annie Boatright is a truthful person or the bad actor I believe her to be.
JUNE 2019
I was first contacted by Annie Boatright on June 19, 2019.
My channel is 1 year old and I’ve made many viral videos at this point, my channel is over 20,000 subscribers and the private Facebook group was created on June 2, 2019.
The initial email from Annie Boatright.
Annie reaches out, referencing her channel Bikini Iron Fitness, which was her original channel’s name asking about Dr. Rice and Jueveau.
I did a recent video in his office trying the newly FDA-approved Jueveau which is from Korea known as Nabota. She says she lives close to me and we should have lunch.
I respond on June 20, 2019, saying thank you and that it is so crazy how close we live to one another. In the end, I never have lunch with her, I’m busy and I’m sure she is as well.
My Response
For reference, the first Hyaluron Pen video I ever made was on July 10, 2019. I just realized this as I was going through my history of videos. It’s crazy, but about a week before my channel was terminated I actually downloaded a video history of views and dates. This is so odd considering I had never done this before. It’s the only reason I can share dates of videos.
This video received 242,135 views.
JULY 2019
July 11, 2019
Annie Boatright joins my private Facebook Group, Natural Kaos Tribe.
To this day I’ve never joined anyone’s DIY groups. I don’t have a need and I’ve always found it curious that other creators have this need to be in my groups. She was into fitness and lived close, so from my perspective, I thought it was great and never thought about it again.
During this summer the boys and I are traveling around Europe so I’m focused on them and experiencing everything we can together.
On September 4, 2019, I release another Hyaluron Pen video this one is training I’m invited to and I film it to help give insight on this device.
The following day on September 5, 2019
I’m contacted by Sherri from Lux Lip Lab LLC.
At this point, my channel is 15 months old and is over 35,000 subscribers.
Sherri who I perceive is the owner and apparently, there is also a person named Kelli because of the email address but I don’t know either of these people and this is the first time I’m hearing about Lux Lip Labs.
I respond back graciously, thanking them for watching my videos and being interested in my channel and that I was interested in trying their product.
On October 23, 2019, I receive an email from Sherri and now there are other people in this email, Nikki and Brielle. I find it weird that none of these people explain who they are but I assume this is a small-time operation and they are figuring out business communication.
They want to know if I’ve received the product and what do I think?
On November 21, 2019, my first experience with the Lux Lip Lab pen video is released and it gets 48,978 views. This is not a sponsored video and I don’t have anything to gain by sharing and spending 40 hours making this video besides the fact that I want to see how these pens work and I hope my review can give insight to others struggling.
January 17th, 2020 is the first time I meet Annie in person. Sherri wants me to do a giveaway for Valentine’s Day and tells me that Annie can drop off the product she wants me to share. I’m surprised that Annie would go out of her way to do this but Sherri tells me they are long-time friends and this is when I first learn of this connection.
Of course, I’m now realizing they have been orchestrating this charade of contacting me for over 6 months but I simply assume that Annie and Sherri are friends and that when Sherri was launching Annie said hey there is this girl on YouTube and she’s close by you should reach out to her. That is not shady however, I’m surprised that Sherri never said initially hey, my friend Annie who you have connected with is my friend and she told me to contact you. Nevertheless, I just chalk it up to poor communication.
I’m having a meet and greet in Sacramento and Annie comes to drop off the package. She does not stay even though I invite her, but I assume she has things to do and that she is a really good friend to Sherri.
On January 21, 2020, I receive an email from Sherri saying thank you for making a video. These are not sponsored, I just want to make this clear. When she speaks about “Keith” I believe it is in reference to them getting a trackable affiliate program set up. Basically, I’m just being nice making content and sharing for them. I believe I have a code with them for Free shipping but I’m not even aware if there is a percentage of the sale being given back to me.
This video was entitled ”Hyaluron Pen Review How to Use Hyaluron Pen”
It received 54,714 views and was posted on January 20, 2020, then I followed up with a check-in 2 days later entitled “Hyaluron Pen 48 Hour Update” on January 22, 2020, and that video received 53,006 views.
JUNE 2020
On June 1, 2020, is when Annie and I started corresponding with one another on our phones. This is a whole year since she first emailed me. At this point, I’ve made 3 videos for LLL totaling over 156,000 views. That is a lot of advertising. I also did a giveaway for them that they did pay me a flat fee for. At some point during this relationship, they did pay me an affiliate amount but I could never track it and randomly they would send $300 it was never something I counted on because it was just not a real business with them and so I just didn’t pay attention to what they were doing or who they were. I was busy making content that I was excited about.
Nikki from Lux Lip Lab contacts me telling me that they are having fraud issues and to be aware of a person named Svetlana Honcharenko. She wants to make both Annie I aware that this bad actor is using our codes and that she is most likely in both of our groups. In this email I feel that Lux Lip lab LLC is again confirming that Annie Boatright is in fact an affiliate just like me.
I hope this gives you insight into how I came to know Annie Boatright and Lux Lip Lab LLC.
So how did this go from a casual relationship to realizing something was not quite right?
Annie Boatright was in my private FaceBook group which existed from June 2, 2019, to July 2020 until it was removed by FaceBook. During this time I would get reports from my mods that Annie was trying to promote her figure bodybuilding business, or that she was now doing aesthetics and changing her channel to Bikini Iron Beauty, or that members were reporting that she was messaging them in the group to be their friends and join her group, etc. I would simply say well she’s close by, she’s friends with Lip Lux Lab, and I will ask her not to self-promote and not message members.
When I did bring these aspects up to Annie she would deny or explain them away and honestly, I just didn’t care. I just wanted to make content and not worry about what Annie was up to because I was successful and I truly believe we rise together.
When our private Facebook group was shut down, we opened a private forum on WIX which our website site was built upon. This was a quick solution while we were building the Natural Kaos App (which by the way if it’s not clear by the name, I do own the Natural Kaos App). We started charging a $25 entry fee in an effort to compensate moderators as well as to prevent people from joining who only wanted to take advantage of our group.
Annie and her mod Bailey paid the $25 to join. My mods didn’t want them in and said we should remove them. Plus at this time she has her YouTube channel renamed Bikini Iron Beauty, she has contacted my vendors that I flew to Korea to meet in order to make sure we could trust them and now has a promo code of her own, she’s an affiliate with Lux Lip Labs as well and honestly, it just feels a bit much. But I’m torn because she is messaging me like she wants to be my friend, so I disregard the moderator’s concerns and let her stay.
On September 4, 2020, is when I finally call her out for some disparaging remarks she is making in her group about the product from a vendor of ours that only works with Natural Kaos and that which was the main stipulation as I was tired of these other DIY beauty channels popping up left and right, all coming from my original FaceBook group and reaching out to my vendors for codes. If you are in business you realize how tacky this is and I felt taken advantage of for long enough. Additionally, I financially invested in these relationships by flying to Korea and meeting with them, checking out their facilities, and building trust. None of these other channels or groups, including Annie Boatright did this, they simply stole from my investment into my own business. This is why any future affiliations with Natural Kaos LLC were proprietary and vendors understood this.
This is the text I sent her. It’s true that my moderators did draft this text as they were privy to the details of these exchanges. I read it and thought it was appropriate and sent it to her. It’s crazy thinking about this timeline of events as it is now one year later to the day.
The above text which I thought was kind and reasonable would instead escalate this situation. This is what Annie is referring to when she says I called her Livid! I never called her, I sent her this reasonable text, and then as we were driving up to Tahoe for Labor Day weekend, she calls screaming at me. She was on speaker and Jason Pratt was privy to her rage, I realize his testimony would be bias.
Below are all the correspondences that would transpire due to me sending this to Annie.
At the end of September 2020 even after I’ve tried to distance myself from Annie Boatright, Nikki from Lux Lip Lab reaches out about Paypal fraud and would I like to try some new product.
Remember at this point I do not know that Annie Boatright owns Lux Lip Lab LLC so I don’t think it’s odd. I assume they want me to do a video again to help drive traffic to their site but I’m just not inspired to work with them further because I want to stay away from Annie and I don’t want people thinking that I’m anything like her. In my response, I tell them I’ve always thought they did a great job with their product selection, but my content calendar is full, and perhaps we can get them a media kit with options for future sponsorships.
I then bring up Annie from Bikini Iron Fitness (I’m not sure when she changed her channels name to Bikini Iron Beauty) and explain that it came to my attention that Annie was telling her mods that LLL pays me $3000 per month which is a complete fabrication. If that was the case I would be more interested in keeping LLL but I’m not so I hope that addresses the fact that I never made any money more than what would be considered a hobby. Further, my real concern is that I would expect Lux Lip Lab to be more professional and not share information with other affiliates even if they are a friend like Annie, I guess now they are family.
I’m not sure who responds to me, I assume Nikki but it’s not signed and since they all use the same email I have to assume it’s Nikki since she signed the initial email. I appreciate that she is going to look into this situation. And she agrees that they are very close with Annie but not close enough to share anyone payments and she doesn’t want false information going around.
I appreciate that she is going to ask Annie about this concern that I’ve been presented with.
Then this whole situation goes from quasi-professional to really weird.
Below is the email, Sherri sends to Annie telling her about what my concern is.
This is how Annie Boatright Bikini Iron Beauty responds. If you’ve watched her for a minute I think we can all agree she is true to form. If you don’t like profanity I apologize, apparently Annie not only uses profanity in verbal communication she even takes the time to write it.
Pretty impressive. I was also surprised that Sherri would include Annie’s response as it did not seem written for me, but again I continue to chalk this up to unprofessional individuals.
Above when she says I sent her a rant, that was the above text that my mods drafted. Perhaps our definitions of rants are different. I personally consider this email and all future experiences with Annie Boatright to be rants.
I thought my text to her was level-headed. I didn’t want to have any more conversations with her because over the past year I truly didn’t want her in my private group anymore and to this day I can’t understand why she would want to be in it other than for covert purposes. Why is she so livid about being removed from my private group, she has her own group and she constantly tells everyone how much better she is than me so why even care, that is unless you have hidden agendas.
After I receive this response from Sherri and read Annie’s rant about her financial situation and that she doesn’t need money and that she’s a straight shooter, I decide to lay it all out. I write a very long detailed email of my experience of what I’ve observed and I include this very intense “text” that has made Annie so Livid.
Above, I write that “I find Annie’s diction to be quite offensive.” It has come to my attention during a recent YouTube video rant created by Annie all about me that she does not understand the word “Diction”. She read this as dialect. Annie, the word diction means word choice, I don’t like or feel comfortable with your word choice. I am not saying I never use profanity, I’m not an angel, but Annie’s diction is like she digs pools for a living, and I know something about that:)
At first, when I heard this, I thought dang auto-correct, did it change my word from diction to dialect, which of course would not make sense in this context. Luckily, here is the proof that I wrote diction; unfortunately I did not realize my audience had the vocabulary of a third-grader.
Further, I think the more puzzling issue is that Sherri took my correspondence addressed to Sherri, Nikki, and Kelli and shared it with Annie which is not something I authorized but I honestly don’t care, again it just speaks to their unprofessionalism, or now I wonder if it has everything to do with the fact that Annie owns Lux Lip Lab LLC and all of these bad actors have been playing me this whole time.
Remember in Annie’s video when she says, “I told Sherri about Kim, Sherri isn’t on social media she doesn’t understand. Keep this in your mind as you read the next email. Because now Annie is apparently in tears and is headed to Sherri’s home to reveal her FB messenger. If you are savvy to FB, you know that if you see Annie’s phone who supposedly wrote these texts that she’s embarrassed by she can easily erase them, and thus when Sherri looks at Annie’s phone it will conclude that those messages are missing.
By the way, I’m not saying that these screenshots couldn’t have been doctored by her old mod Sarah, I’m only giving you what I have, what I’m experiencing, and how I’m trying to make sense of all of this. The truth is that I just don’t trust Annie and whether these are fabricated or not I believe deep down she has only attempted to use me.
Sherri believes and trusts in Annie and that is her right, she knows Annie they are family, and perhaps I have this aspect of Annie all wrong, but again how do I reason her actions. I’m also not shocked that Sherri sided with Annie I was very upfront because I didn’t care about being a Lux Lip Lab affiliate. I actually thought Sherri was kind and hoped to enlighten her to someone that could be an issue for her in the future. I know that’s not my responsibility but I just wanted to share everything and then move on.
After this, I’m free of Lux Lip Lab LLC and free from Annie Boatright Bikini Iron Beauty. Over the next year, we will get reports that she is trashing me on something, making fun of me in her group, and sending her fake accounts which are run by her mods Bailey and Carry to report my channel, give it thumbs down and write mean reviews. I still don’t care, I think it’s gross and childish but again Annie doesn’t care about her content quality which is why she has time to act this way.
When my YouTube channel was removed, I did go LIVE and during it, I did bring up publicly that Annie’s antics of reporting and disliking my content were not helpful and because of my history with her, I did believe the allegations I was hearing. I never said it was her fault, I only said her actions could have added to the termination. To be fair I don’t know why my channel was terminated and I may never know. My termination was not Annie Boatright’s fault. And if I made that insinuation during a moment of grief I apologize, losing my channel has been one of the most difficult and unjust experiences of my life.
I decided to write a blog post chronicling my timeline with Youtube and how I learned and corrected whenever they would give me feedback which was next to never and you can read that exhaustive blog after this if you still have stamina, lol.
In my blog post, I include Bikini Iron Beauty’s channel as one that does far more “dangerous acts” as an example of the unfair application of YouTube’s policies and the ambiguity of what they are trying to enforce. She did not like this and decided to write me an email.
Apparently, Annie wants to sue me. I wonder what she will say when she sees my video and this blog?
She likes to throw this out because she is a bully and thinks I’m weak. I’m far from weak, I’m sure she would kill me in the gym physically, but mentally I will go all day long with her.
A day later because I was busy and not checking email, I respond with a short response.
Then 30 minutes later I receive this email.
She explains to me the definition of slander. Thank you, Annie, as usual, your definitions are always enlightening.
She tells me to put my “Big girl panties on” because she will “drop $50K and not bat an eye”, I just thought, wow that must be nice. I don’t have that kind of money just waiting to be dropped, I would surely bat my eyes many times, in fact, my eyes would most likely be closed. I guess when you defraud people you have that kind of pocket change.
I don’t respond because she’s angry and what’s the point. I can use her public YouTube channel as an example of the fact that YouTube does not carry out discipline fairly or equally, she might not like it but it’s not against the law.
You know what is against the law pretending to not own something that you are constantly promoting.
Then she makes her video, I would call this a rant but I’m not sure what Annie’s definition of her video would be. She basically slanders my character the entire 40 minutes, never really providing any proof that I was ever mean or unkind to her. The voice message she plays of me at the end of her saga again really never adds up to anything.
She turns the comments off because Annie can’t take criticism, then at some point she realizes this looks bad, so she goes into her Facebook group and tells everyone that comments are turned on and it’s time to go support her.
If you have ever been in one of my groups I do not tell you to go comment or drop your comments in the FB group so basically, we can confirm that you are commenting. It’s odd, but if that’s what Annie needs then I hope it helps her.
I find that everything Annie or her few friends with many fake accounts say about me always seems to be a reflection than reality. I think Annie wishes she was me. I don’t know why? It would appear she is doing well, and seriously her body is fantastic. It appears that she truly lacks self-esteem, and I think we can see this in a higher proportion in our DIY community, unfortunately. This is why I always want our groups to be kind and uplifting.
I don’t want people trashing Annie or any other creator in my group. It’s not because I don’t think Annie deserves it, it’s because when you encourage bullying mentality it only wrecks the atmosphere. I have probably shared too much of my own speculation in this blog post. I hope the detailed timeline along with examples of attitude helps illustrate why I feel this way about Annie.
I’m positive she will threaten me and use every profane word she can find after she watches my video and reads this post. Or maybe she won’t I don’t know.
On Thursday, September 2 I decided to watch portions of Annie’s video. I knew it was out there and I wanted to avoid it because I knew she didn’t have anything nice to say and she would Annie-ize her experience for sympathy. In the end, when she turned on comments and I saw people in the community who I had been kind to attempting to support her, I decided to watch and see what could she possibly be saying.
As I watched her lie it made me mad. I was going to bury my feelings about it and simply work like I always do but then I started thinking about Lux Lip lab LLC. I asked Jason to look it up and then the DIY Beauty bombshell happened, Annie Boatright owns Lux Lip Lab LLC and everything felt a little more sinister.
I decided to dig through my emails and everything that I could personally find where we had connected. As I went through this timeline I realized I was being played this whole time and decided to make my video about how she defrauded our community and share all the details I had to go along with it.
So what do you think? Am I a self-absorbed ego-driven narcists as Annie likes to repeatedly say or is it the other way around and far worse?

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