Plasma Fibroblast 4th Generation Pen

I think we can all agree when we say plasma pens are not cheap. Recently, I’ve been looking into the 4th Generation Plasma Mole Remover. Its significant difference in price makes it a much more affordable option while providing similar treatment. The 4th generation plasma pen works by providing a surge of plasma when in close contact with skin. As it reacts, the process eliminates the freckles, moles, or dark spots. The skin heals and forms a carbon scab that protects it and provides a fresh layer of skin. The 4th Generation pen comes with a variety of disposable tips to make the process easy and sanitary. If you choose to purchase this product, one of my biggest tips is to numb! Regardless of your tolerance, plasma fibroblasting is a pretty painful process, especially with this pen. Numbing makes the process of burning your skin more tolerable. Plasma fibroblasting can be a great way to tighten your skin and eliminate spots if it’s right for you. If you have more questions about what pen to buy check out my Pen Comparison video.


Products Used:

Active Skin Repair Spray https://amzn.to/3B49YHH

Numbing Cream http://www.fillerhouse.com?ref=3&4048:34743 (SAVE 12% with CODE  KAOS12)

4th Generation Mole Remover Plasma Pen – This product is no longer available


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