The New Natural Kaos App is LIVE!

Many of you are "ride and die" and I feel humbled daily by your kindness, support and willingness to jump thru the hoops with us as we've navigated censorship across multiple platforms.

No more my friends...We have a NEW HOME, one that we own and a place that will not shut us down for our DIY Style.

#RebelliousSkincare is back and better than ever.


The Natural Kaos App was written natively for both Apple and Android Users.

It allows you to:

-Create a PROFILE







Essentially everything that we had in our Private FaceBook Group but with even less restriction.

Natural Kaos Private Group
The Original Private FB Group

The main reason we had to approve posts in the Private FB Group was because we feared being taken down by content deemed reckless by sleeper agents who hid in our group, taking screenshots etc. In the end, it was due to a member having a complication with filler, and because of her experience in May 2020 the BBC ran with her story, contacted FB and thats the reason in July 2020 our private group vanished.

We initially went to WIX as my blog/site is built on their platform. WIX has a forum option and we thought this could work. In the end the WIX forum was not sufficiently robust and we knew we needed something much stronger.

Our New App is the result of countless hours of frustration and hope. The NKT Mods: Tory, Megan, Lexie, Ceile, Dotty, Andrea, Rebecca, MandyJean and Pedro have made this happen. They have run with this problem, when I could not, and have created a brilliant solution that all of us are extremely proud to call our Tribe's Home.

We launched a week ago and already have 2800 people who have downloaded this app from either the Apple or Google Play Stores, and have created profiles. Our current members are truly the cream of the crop, they are already sharing Threads, Botox, Filler, Microneedling, Acid Peels and so much more.


If you've been thinking of joining, here are some highlights from the feed and members posts on why you should. (Anyone who's name or image is used I have contacted and received their permission)




Many of you may remember @lukerobeson from the Private FB Group...well he's back and he is giving to the community with some great posts on Threads and Hair Growth. I think he is just getting started and will be an account to follow for sure!

This Hair Loss Prevention post is a slide show so you can swipe thru 7 images of products he uses and then below he gives very solid details on how he uses everything.


I am so impressed with our kind @kiki she is a mother of multiple kids and after a great tummy tuck, which looks fabulous! Kiki is treating a few stretch marks on her stomach with PDO Threads. I can't wait to see her update.


What I've always loved about our community is that everyone gives and takes from one another's shared experiences. @patriciakendall is fabulous and I really appreciated her post with under eye threads.


@dae_dae not only made me crack up when I saw her post but I appreciated her trash bag wrap work-around as she waits for her Silicon Mask Cover to arrive!!!

Our DIY tribe is full of can do individuals who troubleshoot, read, watch, and connect with others to assess the correct protocols and treatments for themselves. Our app is for those 18 years and older and requires personal responsibility. 


This week I went LIVE in our group and I did neurotoxin in my neck for the first time DIY. I had this first done in Korea and all the Nabota had worn off by this fall so I "Toxed" my own neck. Then I did PCL Threads.

MIND BLOWN...PCL Threads do not pinch or sting the way PLLA do. From here on out its only PCL Threads for me:)

Natural Kaos App Apple User

Natural Kaos App Android User

This video will only be available in my app, as well as all future injectables as YT, FB, and IG remove this content.


Our app is built for social sharing and engagement.

Besides creating your profile, you will join groups, these groups are subject based...for instance, the Chemical Peel Unit. You can join all the groups or only the ones you are interested in receiving content from. Your "Home Wall" will be made up of the people and groups you follow. Besides your hand picked Home Wall, there are other walls to the, "New" (new posts) or "Trending" (current engaging posts) or "All Time" (highest engagement posts), we also have the "Featured" wall. In this wall, I can pin a new Live/Post, or a new Deal, or an Announcement. These walls have been a great way to find new people and new exciting content.


I want to address any concerns you may have experienced or are experiencing during this transition:

  1. WIX: We will no longer support the WIX FORUM. When we created the WIX group, it was a temporary gathering place until our new home was constructed. Those of you who paid $25 to join either the Private FB group or the WIX group have been given 3 months free in our app. You should have received an email detailing this transition and your 3 month app trial. Please email if you originally paid $25 and are not in the app.

  2. FB GRAND-FATHERED IN: We had over 13K original members in the Private FB Group. When we were on FB & WIX we were able to grandfather all of you over for FREE. However, that is no longer case with this New App due to the monthly fees we owe every month per user.

  3. COST: Every user in our app costs money to support both with server space & tech support as well as the constant service that our fantastic mods offer. These are real costs and ones I pay every month to keep our community together. Consequently, the app is $10/month, no contract, plus cancel whenever you want. I know this is an issue for some and I do apologize that it won't financially work for all. I plan to do monthly Giveaways soon where members can win 1 year Free. These details will be shared in our app.

  4. EMAILS: We've been learning on the fly and do realize that some emails were not received or did not go out and we do apologize for this frustrating situation. This is not your fault. Thank you for your patience, as non-tech people like me and my skin loving mod team learn coding, data base management, and email marketing. If you are having issues please email this email box is managed by the NKT Mod Team who are quick and helpful.

I hope this post gives you more insight into the New App:)

Kim xoxo

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