YouTube Terminated My Family Channel, this feels very personal

I should be editing right now, but I’m fuming! so instead I’m sharing with you the latest from Youtube.

Natural Kaos Terminated By YouTube

On Monday, August 23rd, 2021 YouTube terminated my family channel Natural Kaos LIFE. This channel was monetized, and although small was where I planned to rebuild after gaining further insight into YouTube’s ever-changing and ambiguous mind.

If you read the previous post where YouTube terminated my channel then you understand that I’ve learned what YouTube deems safe with regard to me and what links they don’t want me posting.

Moving forward on my LIFE channel and still reeling from this incredible injustice the last thing I would be doing is placing “dangerous” content or “linking to online pharmacy’s” so why delete my second channel?

This evening Maya wrote back, I’m actually shocked. Well done YouTube Community Team!!!

I thought we would never hear back from her and even if we did, could we actually gain insight. Let’s read what Maya had to say and see if anyone can make sense of this response.

Maya is very kind and I appreciate her looking into this on our behalf, however, I find very little information in this email response.

I’m grateful that she suggested on September 3rd that we would be able to see Adsense and would be compensated but right now I don’t see how that’s possible since they disconnected us from Adsense.

I really appreciate how she makes sure I know this is our final communication when I have not been compensated and have no reason to believe this will be shown to me on September 3rd. Maya where should I look on 9/3? because my Adsense no longer has any accounts linked. Remember they were terminated.

I will let you know what happens on September 3rd, don’t hold your breath:)

She moves onto my Natural Kaos LIFE channel and the reason it was terminated.

She’s claiming I was circumventing the original termination by posting on my family channel?

I posted a Serum Capsule video review that linked back to Amazon. I posted a new trailer telling people this is where I would be. No links except for amazon and I wasn’t doing anything except talking. I did post a video condemning YouTube for terminating my original channel however, is criticizing YouTube now against community guidelines?

It’s tyrannical to not allow criticism.

I did plan to upload many videos from my terminated channel but these would not violate their community guidelines. If you recall, I didn’t have any videos on my channel that had any supposed “dangerous acts” and I wasn’t posting links to Korea as I was vaguely made aware of in the previous correspondence.

Keep in mind there are many DIY Beauty channels that remain, including Viana Care who sells and ships the actual products into the US still has a channel. Viana Care has links back to Korea and has videos illustrating using their products, including injection.

Maya is claiming that my Natural Kaos LIFE YouTube circumvented YouTube and that’s the reason it was terminated. Circumventing YouTube would require including or doing on the new channel what I was prohibited from doing on the previous channel. My second channel had family videos on it plus,

  • my YouTube Play Button video
  • a Skin Capsule Serum video
  • a video when we got our dog tank
  • a video responding to YouTube about my wrongful termination

There were no links to Korea and no injecting tox.

Let’s look at the wording again.

As I look at this statement I’m realizing having a channel terminated literally means a termination for the YouTube platform. It says, “if you are restricted from using any Youtube features then this needs to apply across all channels in your control until the restriction is lifted. Ok. But if your channel is terminated then when does enough time elapse to be able to post or build a new channel?

Obviously, I didn’t violate the dangerous acts or linking back to sites they disapprove of so just the fact that I posted to the Life channel was grounds for termination? How is this fair, logical, ethical, moral, or even sane. Who is running YouTube?

It gets better, now it’s really not going to make sense and this is why creators complain and struggle with Youtube.

She acknowledges Emmitt’s channel Tractor Beast

Are you confused? I certainly am and further Maya says this is my final correspondence and I will not get a reply so how do I ever get clarification?

The Natural Kaos Life channel was terminated because I posted after my Natural Kaos Skin channel was terminated. I was apparently supposed to wait, how would I know this? What is the amount of time one needs to wait after termination? Maya is typing or sharing a copy and paste block from the YouTube community guidelines page, there is absolutely no more information, and the scarier thing is Maya is the only person from YouTube I have ever received any insight from.

If Emmitt posts to Tractor Beast based on this scenario his channel will be terminated. He can never upload to it again. His channel is considered an alternative channel and my dual terminations will never lapse so when is he not considered to be circumventing YouTube. Am I suppose to take “Maya’s” word that he won’t be terminated?

It’s insanity and crazy-making. YouTube is becoming the world’s “CrazyMaker”!

Thank you Maya I understand NOTHING!!!!

I actually feel for the people who have to type these messages, I presume unless they are brain dead it must be frustrating to write conflicting information and double down while not sharing any specifics or even proof. I’m hoping Maya is a robot because if not she must have a very frustrating job.

I wish I could get a job at YouTube Community Outreach, I would make it my mission to actually solve these issues and help people rather than perpetuating nonsense.

Have a good night, this was very therapeutic for me xoxo Kim

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