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High Frequency Treatment 2021

Using electrical current technology, High-Frequency treatments help rejuvenate your skin. As the current flow to your lower layers, it stimulates cell regeneration and collagen production. Thanks to my 101 video and post, you might know a little about how high-frequency treatments work. Now, let’s go over how to do them. With all the different ideas and techniques for high-frequency treatments vying for your attention, you might have a few questions. How do you know which is the best treatment? How often should you use high frequency? What skincare should I pair it with? How do I make my own facial at home? If you’re asking these questions or just intrigued about the device, this video was made for you. As I create my own high-frequency treatment facial, make sure to follow along for some helpful tips and tricks to elevate your skincare routine!

If you’re ready to up your high-frequency treatments there are a couple of ways to do this. Using a shallow microneedling roller, you can stimulate collagen and help your skin absorb an epidermal growth factor serum. This has been shown to increase the effectiveness of the treatment. Another great way is to utilize gauze masks. Gauze masks help increase ozone into your skin, which is necessary for the treatment.


Which Products Did I Use?

High-Frequency Wand

Glo Sunscreen

Elemis Marine Cream


Daiso Silicone Mask

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