Korea Hifu & TOXIN

Known for its skincare, Korea has always been one of my favorite places. Since I have been lucky enough to vacation here, why not try out some of their renowned procedures? As I explored different treatments, the combination of Hifu and Botox caught my attention.  For those of you who don’t know, Hifu or High-Frequency Focused Ultrasound is a collagen-stimulating procedure. Using lasers, the Hifu device penetrates lower layers to produce face lifting results in a painless was. This helps shape and tone your face.

After treating the face with this uplifting device, Botox is injected. Since most professionals don’t recommend Hifu and Botox treatments on the same day, we focused on our necks. Botox helps reduce lines and wrinkles in our necks, through the partial paralyzation of our muscles. Make sure to check out my videos here if you’re interested in learning more about Botox. Throughout these treatments, I was impressed by how fast and easily they were done. It was also amazing to walk out into beautiful Korea without anyone being able to recognize the treatment had been done.

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