If you’re familiar with microneedling, you might be familiar with devices such as the GloPro. Though I tend to utilize my microneedling pens, microneedling rollers are a great, more affordable option. Using the skin’s natural regenerative properties, the GloPro stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. The gentle separation between skin cells allows them to join back with a firmer, brighter complexion. Compared to microneedling, this mild treatment stimulates a similar response with less invasion. In addition, once the channels on your face have been opened, they are more accepting of products. This means it’s the perfect way to prepare your face to absorb serums more efficiently.

The GloPro also combines this treatment with LED Light therapy. As claimed, the LED and vibrotactile properties of this device help improve cell regeneration. The supposedly painless GloPro works almost immediately after treatment, and like microneedling, the results continue to build. So, what do you think? Does this painless device compare to microneedling?



Which Products Did I Use?

Beauty Bio GloPro Full Kit


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