Like some of you might know, over the past couple of years I have been documenting my microneedling journey. Was it effective? How has my skin changed? And should you try it? Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of questions about microneedling results. So, I decided it’s time to compare my skin over the past two years. The process of microneedling takes time. After the treatment, collagen and elastin production increases creating a more youthful appearance. As treatments continue, these proteins keep increasing. The natural purpose of collagen is to heal and replenish your skin. However, as you age this protein is produced less.

Over this two-year period, microneedling has improved my skin texture and coloring. Comparing the before and after microneedling results has affirmed my value of this treatment. So what do you think? Did it work? Personally, I have found microneedling is an extremely effective treatment. It helps aid in covering unwanted facial marks, such as blemishes, scars, and more. After comparing my microneedling results I can’t wait to continue this process and hope I’ve inspired you to want to learn more!


Which Pens Do I Use?

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