In recent years, a new treatment, known as Plasma Fibroblasting, has begun to trend. Demonstrated by my collection of posts, it has become one of my favorites. In addition to my face, I have fibroblasted my knees and even my stomach. As promised, results have come. My marionette lines, lips, and especially my eyes are more lifted and have increased in radiance. So, I decided it’s finally time to try it out on my vertical chest lines. These lines stem from sun damage, sleeping position, and just the overall reduction in collagen that occurs as you age. So over time, your skin begins to sag and acquire lines. If you’re like me, you have probably noticed them and might be searching for a low-risk alternative to eliminate them.

Luckily, plasma fibroblast treatment offers a safe non-invasive alternative to help reduce these lines and tighten my skin. Fibroblasting utilizes your body’s restorative process to stimulate tissue proteins, known as fibroblasts. Ignited with plasma, the cells send trauma signals to the brain and increase collagen and elastin production in those areas. As the affected skin is repaired, wrinkles and fine lines are reduced and lifted. Part of the beauty of fibroblasting is the ability to perform it on any part of the body and achieve successful results! Hopefully, this treatment will help reverse the effects age and sun rays have had on my chest.


Here are the products I used:

Derma Roller

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Burn Cream


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