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First Plasma Fibroblast Experience

Fibroblasting in LA

Plasma fibroblast, a non-surgical treatment, helps tighten loose skin using tissue cells in your skin. Over the years this procedure has begun to gain more popularity, and more estheticians have begun to offer this treatment. The idea of using plasma jolts to revitalize my skin caught my attention. Heading down to Juliet’s Pink in LA, I decided to test it out for myself. The idea of plasma fibroblasting harnesses the power of the fourth state of matter, plasma. This research has brought truly brought the two worlds of science and skincare together. According to Juliet, the plasma fibroblast treatment shrinks the skin to offer immediate results. Each prick creates a controlled trauma response that stimulates the fibroblasts in your skin to increase collagen production immediately and in the future. 5-7 days post-procedure, the scabs began to heal and the results became extremely visible. This skin tightening plasma treatment offered me amazing results, I can’t wait to learn more about it. Who knows maybe it can even be done from home!


Products used:

Plamere Plasma Pen https://amzn.to/3AYbaMM 

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