Lift Fx Wand

High Frequency Lift Fx Wand

The Lift Fx wand promises to revitalize dull, tired skin. Using high-frequency treatment helps to restore your natural youthful glow. Over the past couple of years, High-Frequency treatments have started to gain popularity. Using non-invasive thermal technology, this wand stimulates collagen production and speeds up cell renewal processes. In addition to enhancing your natural beauty, high-frequency devices can help solve your acne issues. As it oxidizes your skin, the Lift Fx wand stops bacterial growth. This helps prevent the growth of unwanted blemishes and blackheads. The wand maximizes this prevention by speeding up cell regeneration, which heals scars, acne, and pimples.

Though this might sound similar to other devices, such as the NuDerma, the Lift Wand Fx promises more powerful results. The first difference I noticed was the plug. Unlike the NuDerma, this wand is 3-pronged, meaning it stays grounded and prevents unevenness caused by power fluctuations. Each with a different purpose, the four wands can help you devise a treatment personalized for your skin. The Lift Fx uses these wands to transmit electrical current into your skin and stimulate regenerative properties. So, what do you think?


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Lift Fx Wand


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