Acid Layering: The Ordinary Peeling Solution

After nearly a year since using this peel (watch my first video here), I decided it’s time to try it again. However, this time we’re going to up the peel factor. Before I even start treating my skin, I did some light microneedling with my roller. This helped to open the channels of my skin and make it more receptive to the peel. From there I used a Glycolic Acid Toner to prep my skin for the peel. Glycolic toners are a great addition to your skincare routine. They act as astringent, removing dead skin and increasing cell turnover. Using the acid layering technique helps ensure your skin get the most out of the treatment. Since your skin is already open the acid penetrates more successfully into deeper layers and works more effectively.

After utilizing the Ordinary peeling solution, which is made of 30% glycolic acid and 25% BHA, I wanted to tighten my pores even more. To do this, I used the NIOD Myrrh Clay Mask. Known for its instant tightening effects, Myrrh Clay comes from a triangle of Chinese medicinal studies. The nutrient base, combined with the Indian Mitti clay heals the skin and reverses aging on a cellular level. After the number of tightening and cleansing treatments, a hydrating facial sounded pretty enticing. Replenishing my skin with moisture allowed the effects to become more obvious. My face looked fresh and had a youthful glow to it. Acid Layering combined with skincare helped illuminate and replenish my skin.

Which Products Did I Use?

The Ordinary Peeling Solution

The Ordinary Glycolic Toner

NIOD Myrrh Clay Mask

Nuderma High-Frequency Wand 


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