The Ordinary Peeling Solution AHA/BHA

I know what you’re thinking. What is that scarlet liquid I’m pouring all over my face? And why? A couple of months ago I purchased a set of products from the Ordinary, including this AHA and BHA Peeling Solution. Before you get too worried, the darker hue comes from the pepper berry plant and not your own blood, like vampire facials. This Tazmanian extract helps to aid in irritation on the skin. This peeling solution is not your regular, or should I say ordinary, acid peel. Working as a chemical exfoliant, it peels away dead or damaged skin cells to reveal the softer layer beneath. Unlike more harsh chemical peels, the AHA and BHA Peeling Solution only produces a tingling effect. This occurs because of the natural salt and acid balance.

The Ordinary’s peeling solution comes in the form of a wash-off mask, making it a quick, unique treatment. AHA, or alpha hydroxy acids, are known for their brightening properties and help exfoliate the upper layers. In addition, the BHA, or Beta Hydroxy Acids, help clear pore congestion and continue exfoliating. Almost immediately after taking the mask off, I could see the effects. My skin looked brighter and refreshed.  The AHA and BHA Peeling Solution can revolutionize your skincare.

Here are the Products I Used:

The Ordinary Peeling Solution

Rubbing Alcohol 

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