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Exfoliation. You might be familiar with the word. After all, it’s found on so many skincare products. As you know, your skin changes every day, shedding old layers, to reveal new, fresh ones. This is part of our body’s natural processes. However, what happens if not all the dead skin cells are removed? That’s where exfoliation comes in. From scrubs to dermaplaning to chemical exfoliants, there are a variety of ways to exfoliate your skin.

So what is dermaplaning? Using a smaller blade, dermaplaning allows you to scrape off dulling skin cells and reveal your brighter complexion. By removing this uneven texture, skincare products and makeup are applied more easily. Dermaplaning also enhances your face’s smooth texture. After dermaplaning your skin, it’s extremely important to rehydrate it. If you allow this newly revealed layer to dry out, it will lead to a repetitive process of dried-out, dead skin cells. As I know from personal experience, this treatment is a great way to clean your upper skin layers through a non-invasive procedure. If you’re interested in learning more, check out my Dermaplaning Post!


Which Products Did I Use?

Young Living Probiotic

Tinkle Razors

Caudalie Mist

Witch Hazel

Young Living Sacred Frankincense

Julep Triple Hydration Mask


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