Myolift Microcurrent

The Myolift device uses microcurrent technology to tone and lift your face and produce long-lasting results. Inspired by subscribers, today I decided to try this professional treatment myself. Myolift, similar to NuFace, sparks ATP production in your cells. As ATP increases your cells have more drive to complete their processes, almost giving them a workout. This essentially speeds up your cellular processes and you guessed it, increases collagen. This non-invasive procedure is perfect if you’re looking for gentle treatment.

Like nearly everything, the only real way results will come is through consistency! 7e Wellness recommends using this treatment daily for the first month to ensure your skin gets the most out of the treatment. As I go through this process keep an eye out to see if it’s working! If you’re interested in learning more about other skincare treatments, like Fibroblasting and PRP, scroll down or click here.


Which Products Did I Use?

Myolift Microcurrent Machine

Myolift Eye Mask

Myolift Lip Mask

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