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From peeling away outer layers to rejuvenating facials, the world of skincare is full of ways to attempt to turn back time. As technology has advanced, so has the world of skincare, making devices a prominent staple everywhere. The Omnilux Contour Face Mask uses LED Light Therapy to reduce the wear of aging in 10 minutes. Once this mask caught my attention, I knew I needed to try it out. Throughout a series of 12 treatments, the LED mask promises to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, re-energize your cells, and decrease redness. Over the past few years, I’ve started to fall in love with light therapy devices. Don’t get me wrong, having a skincare routine definitely holds priority, but quick, effective devices like this can really bring your skincare to the next level.

The Omnilux Contour Face Mask uses a series of bulbs to direct infrared, red, and blue light into your skin. These researched wavelengths have profound effects on your skin cells processes. They supercharge the cells, speeding up your body’s regenerating process. As you might already know, collagen is the key to replenishing your skin. The mask also works to stimulate its production and increase your skin’s ability to heal. I go into further detail about how it works, so make sure to watch the full video!

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