25% TCA Peel

Now that summer is over, it’s time to start some other treatments, like Acid Peels! In preparation for my brother’s wedding, I decided to try out a 25% TCA Peel. So, first off, what is an Acid Peel? More specifically, what is a TCA Peel?

Chemical peels, like microneedling and plasma fibroblast, utilize the body’s natural healing response. As the chemical produces an injury, the topmost layer of the skin is most affected. This results in the layer peeling off and producing a smoother, more youthful layer. Trichloroacetic or TCA Peels are one of the most common peels, and are one of my personal favorites. When the TCA is applied to the skin, the acid work to disrupt the functioning proteins. This causes the upper layer to lighten and slowly peel away. TCA Peels help reduces scars, aging, and sun damage. Make sure to check out this post if you’re interested in learning more!

Here are the products I used:

25% TCA Peel Save with KAOS20

Dyson Blowdryer

Lavender Essential Oil

Witch Hazel

LED Mask

Pure Block Sunscreen


Step 1: Applying the Peel

Before starting any treatment, it’s important to always prep and cleanses your face. This prevents harm or unevenness when applying the chemical peel. As I applied the 25% TCA Peel I decided to use a pad rather than the universal fan brush. While some may argue it wasted acid, I found it helped to prevent dripping and was easier for me to apply. As you apply the peel, one of the main things you want to look for is frosting. The frosting is a sign the peel has affected the keratin proteins in the upper layers of the skin and it is slowly beginning to separate from the layer below. It’s important to note that everyone will frost at different times. Between each application, I decided to speed up the drying process using my Dyson blowdryer.

Step 2: Aftercare (MOISTURIZE)

Now that the peel has been applied, it’s time for aftercare. As much as I love TCA Peels, the pain caused by them is definitely not my favorite. To ease the burn, I used lavender essential oil as a natural calming agent. I also made sure to be diligent in my application of petroleum jelly. Acid peels can majorly dry out your skin and lead to cracking. In order to prevent this, it’s super important to use moisturizing agents.

Step 3: Tighten, Crack, and Peel

A couple of days after applying the TCA Peel, the treatment will start working. Your skin will become tighter and dark spots, such as freckles or sun damage, will begin to show up. Soon the TCA will cause your skin to crack and peel. This removes the topmost layer, leaving you with a new youthful appearance.


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  1. Jessica Storms

    This video (on YouTube back in the day) is the video that started my DIY skincare journey. I joined the NaturalKaos tribe and haven’t looked back. The change in my skin has been enormous and I’m thankful for all I’ve learned from you, Kim, and everyone else in the app. Someone said they thought I was 25 the other day… and at almost 45, I will take it!!! ❤️

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