led eye patch

LED Eye Patch

You might be familiar with regular face masks and patches, but why LED? The world of skincare is starting to evolve, which means in addition to new treatments and ideas new devices are created. The red LED light helps stimulate collagen production and reduce lines. The LED eye patch promises immediate results. The LED red light is the optimal wavelength to reach the lower layers of the skin through a painless, non-invasive procedure. Its silicon design helps it to fit your facial structure perfectly. However, I think this benefit really depends on your face. I personally had a difficult time fitting it to anywhere other than right under my eyes. Another benefit to this product is its convenience.  Rather than plugging into to a wall or battery, the LED Eye patch plugs directly into your phone. This simple device helps reduce signs of aging and can increase your skin’s healing process.


Which Products Did I Use?

LED Magic Eye Patch


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